1. Assessor

    Find out more about the assessor's role in the Floyd County government.

  2. Auditor / Elections

    Gain information on the main functions of the County Auditor.

  3. Case Management

  4. Clerk of Court

    See who serves in various roles in the office of the Clerk of Court as well as see an overview on general duties.

  5. Conservation

    See the areas of focus when it comes to conservation for the County of Floyd.

  6. County Attorney

    See who works in the Floyd County Attorney's Office.

  7. E911

    Learn about the purpose of the E911 Department and how it serves the community.

  8. Emergency Management

    Review the duties and responsibilities of the Emergency Management Department.

  9. Engineer/Secondary Roads

    The Engineering Office is responsible for planning and maintaining all county secondary roads, bridges, culverts, and drainage districts.

  10. Enviromental Health

    Enviromental Health is responsible for all enviromental issues in the County.

  11. General Assistance

    The General Assistance Office works to provide temporary assistance to low income families in Floyd County.

  12. Public Health/Home Health Care

    The Public Health/Home Health Care Agency wants to help you maintain your independence from the comfort of your own home.

  13. Planning & Zoning

    The Planning and Zoning Department accepts requests for zoning changes, requests to review subdivision plats, conditional use permits, and more.

  14. Recorder

    The Recorder's Office is responsible for recording and maintaining official records such as marriage licenses, hunting licenses, and more.

  15. Sheriff

    The Sheriff's Office is responsible for investigating crimes, serving warrants, responding to citizen calls for service, and more.

  16. Social Services

    Visit the county Social Services website for more information about programs such as disability, case management, general assistance, and more.

  17. Treasurer

    Learn about the Treasurer's Office, how to pay your property tax, renew your driver's license, and more.

  18. Veterans Affairs

    Our mission is to assist veterans, and their dependents in securing county, state, and federal veteran benefits under the law.