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5 special benefits reserved for Purple Heart recipients


1.      Medical Priority Upgrades at the VA

2.      The Forever GI Bill

3.      Preferential hiring in government jobs

4.      Commissary and MWR access

5.      State Benefits 

Many states offer some sort of extra benefit to Purple Heart recipients. In Arizona, in-state university tuition can be waived for Purple Heart recipients. In South Carolina, children of Purple Heart recipients are eligible for free in-state university tuition. Check with your state VA to be sure —individual states offer property and income tax breaks that you may never hear about in a national discussion.

Is there educational benefits for Purple Heart Recipients, and/or dependents?  


Yes, but every state is different.  Check with each college to see how they honor these benefits.  

Statement from Brett Robertson, former 11b Infantryman E-4Spec (1991-1995) Updated Mar 21, 2018

“My father was wounded in Vietnam three different times, he received three purple hearts. You really only need one. I guess he was just making sure he was covered.  If you are wounded bad enough you get free medical care from the VA for life. You will also get a service connected disability check. Depending on the percentage of how much you are disabled. Depending on your state, you can receive 100% of your college paid for. Children can get their college paid for, depends on your state, and it has to be at a state college.  In my state it was 50%.  My father was lucky, a Purpleheart is the one medal you really don't want to earn or be awarded, because most of the time it accompanies a folded flag. Hope this helps.”

Purple Heart DOT Plates


Who is eligible? The owner of vehicle who was awarded the Purple Heart Medal by the United States Governments a result of wounds received in combat against an armed enemy. 

Requirements: A copy of the official government or military document verifying the receipt of the Purpleheart Medal is required upon application. 

How to apply:  Fill out the Special Plate Application 

Completed applications may be returned to your county treasurer's office, or the following address. 

Vehicle & Motor Carrier Services Iowa Department of Transportation P.O. Box 9278  Des Moines, Iowa 50306-9278 

Telephone: 515-237-3110  and      E-mail:  dot.plates@iowadot.us 

Your plates will be sent to your county treasurer's office and staff will notify you when your plates are available. Plates must be assigned to a vehicle within 90 days or the plates will be voided and no refund issued. Your current plates must be exchanged for your new plates.