How Do I...

  1. Apply

    Read about how to apply for a building permit, driver's license, a sportsman license, and more.

    1. Building Permits

      Find out what is required to obtain a building permit, also known as zoning certificates.

    2. Conditional Use Permits

      Learn how to apply for a Conditional Use Permit for any variances to the zoning district.

    3. Driver's Licenses

      Driver's licenses Information can be obtained at any Iowa DOT station or any participating County Treasurer's Office

    4. Employment

      Find current job openings and employment applications for Floyd County.

    5. Engineering Permits

      Find the Single Trip Permit, Road Embargo Permit, and more.

    6. Hunting & Fishing Sportsman Licenses

      Learn how to obtain a sportsman license for hunting or for fishing.

    7. Planning & Zoning Permits

      View permits and applications for the Planning and Zoning Department.

    8. Septic Permit

    9. Wind Generator

      Find out how to apply for a wind generator for residential or commercial properties.

    10. Request a free private well water test

  2. Contact

    Learn how to contact the Sheriff's Office, the county staff, and more.

    1. Board of Supervisors

      Find out who serves on the county's Board of Supervisors.

    2. County Staff

      View county staff and department contact information.

    3. Sheriff's Office

      The Sheriff's Office is responsible for investigating crimes, serving warrants, responding to citizen calls for service, and more.

  3. Find

    Locate the county courts, Zoning Ordinance, budget, and more.

    1. Budget

      See documents and information related to the county budget.

    2. County Courts

      See who serves in various roles in the office of the Clerk of Court as well as see an overview on general duties.

    3. GIS

      Access the GIS website for the county and fill out a full access agreement.

    4. Levies for Taxes Payable

      Browse through a list of levies for taxes payable from past years.

    5. Solid Waste Collection Site

      Find the Solid Waste Collection Site, operation hours, and more.

    6. Zoning Ordinance

      Read about the county's Zoning Ordinance, recent ordinance updates, and other regulations.

  1. Learn About

    Read about how to control dust, election information, tax exemptions, and more.

    1. Camping & Hunting Areas

      View a listing of camping and hunting areas located throughout the county.

    2. County Courts

      See who serves in various roles in the office of the Clerk of Court as well as see an overview on general duties.

    3. Dust Control

      Find out what provisions and restrictions are placed on dust control in Floyd County.

    4. Election Information

      View election documents and information such as sample ballots, election results, and precinct maps.

    5. Emergency Management

      Review the duties and responsibilities of the Emergency Management Department.

    6. Flood Plain

    7. Recording Guidelines

      The Recorder's Office has come up with a few guidelines to quickly processing records.

    8. Tax Exemptions

      View a list of tax credit information.

    9. US Passports

      Find out what steps are necessary for you to apply for, and obtain, your American passport.

  1. Pay

    Find out how to pay your property tax, traffic tickets, vehicle tax, and more.

    1. Property Tax Online Payments

      Through the Iowa Tax and Tags website.

    2. Traffic Tickets

      Find out how to pay your traffic tickets in Floyd County.

    3. Vehicle Registration Online Payment

      Renew the registration on your vehicle at the Iowa Tax and Tags website.

  2. Register

    Learn how to register your vehicle, become a tax sale bidder, and more.

    1. ATV, Boat & Snowmobile

      Read about how to obtain new or transferred registration and titles for recreational vehicles.

    2. Tax Sale Bidder

      Find out when the next annual sale is and how to become a bidder.

    3. Vehicle

      Learn how you can renew or register your vehicle in Iowa.

  3. Request

    Find out how to request certified copies, military service records, and more.

    1. Certified Copies

      Learn how you may obtain certified copies.

    2. Military Service Records

      Find out how to request military service records from the Recorder's Office.

    3. Veteran Transportation Assistance

      Any veteran needing a ride to a VA medical facility should contact the Veterans Affairs Office to schedule a ride.

    4. Vital Records (birth,death,marriage certficates)

      Find out how to request certified copies of birth, death, and marriage certificates.

    5. New/Replacment E911 sign