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Board of Health/Advisory board minutes for November 14, 2005



Present: Pat McDonnell, Dick Nelson, Barb Quam, Joyce Russell, Dr. Lisa Kapler all Board members. Also present were Diane Anderson- IDPH State Consultant, Donna Digtzenbach- Dept. of Human Services and Pat Zwanzinger-Home Health Director.


Motion to approve agenda by Dr. Kapler, second by Barb Quam, carried

Motion to approve the minutes of the September 12th, 2005 meeting by Barb Quam, second by Dr. Kapler, carried

Diane Anderson-IDPH provided a brief resume and work history and an overview of the Community Health needs assessment summary for the State of Iowa. We must proceed with our plan and not just let it sit on a shelf. All goals are to be accomplished by 2015. The Board needs a pro-active approach. Diane audited Floyd County for appropriate use of State grant funds. The audit is in progress and a report will be submitted to the Board.


Pat Zwanzinger talked to the Board about having a training session, suggested having Mr. Matt Hobson- Ipidermiologist talk to the Board about quarantine and isolation. Presented the quarterly chart audits- This was the first audit with the combined agencies.

Lead prevention grant: approved for the money, but let the money go back because we need the Stellar software. Will reapply next year after installing the software. The program will include Community education.

Board evaluation of varius current Public Health programs. A questionnaire was presented to the Board for comments. Pat is working on the annual report.

Basic incident command for bio-terrorism, training has been completed by staff personnel. The bio-terrorism grant has several performance requirements that Pat will be working on this year.

Budget items: The agency has software installed and has begun billing. The budget will be more accurate next year because this is the first go with the combined agencies and being separate from the hospital.

Office space needs: Consider Public Health & Home Health Care space and personnel needs.

Board of Health Policy/Procedure: A Governance policy is required-Administrator designation, number of terms, meetings, frequency of meetings ect. Primarily for Public Health nursing to meet the requirements for State grant dollars. This document describes the Board policies and method of operation. A draft document will be presented at the next meeting.

Quarantine Policy: Pat presented handouts for discussion and a sample ordinance for review. An ordinance would define the quarantine process and give the Board of Health clout if Mandatory actions are required. The Board is to review the information presented  and be prepared with any questions for Matt Hobson at our next meeting.














Reviewed the budget for County Sanitarian through Sept. 2005


Motion to adjourn made by Dick Nelson , seconded by Dr. Kapler and carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 P.M.


Respectfully submitted

Dick Nelson


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