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Meeting Minutes

Board of Health/Advisory Board Minutes for March 14, 2006


Members present: Barb Quam, Dr. Lisa Kapler, Dick Nelson. Pat McDonnell absent.

Other present: Mike Milligan, Pat Zwanziger and Jeff Sherman


Meeting called to order by Board Chair at 7:00 P.M.


Public hearing for proposed Quarantine Policy.

No Oral or written comments- Hearing closed.



Approval of minutes from Jan 9th meeting. Motion by Dr. Kapler and seconded by Quam-carried

Approval of the Agenda with addition of Pat Zwanziger. Motion by Dr. Kapler and seconded by Nelson-carried.


Jeff Sherman was introduced as the new County Sanitarian to replace the retiring Mike Milligan.


Pat Zwanziger: Jeff will be the new environmental heath specialist and will prepare an  environmental plan to be incorporated into the county disaster plan. The chart audit report was presented and approved. Pat discussed the progress on training. Still trying to fill two positions for Home Health care.

We are at 62.5% spending on our budget. We have received some revenue. 6 months of billing was completed. Not sure when the bills will be paid.

Involved in outcome based quality improvements and are looking for ways to be more efficient.

The Iowa dept. of Public Health audit was received and everything was in compliance.

We discussed the fluoridation issue regarding public water supply systems. Some communities are questioning the benefits.

The public schools are now required to address childhood obesity. We received a letter from the Iowa department of public health explaining the trends and some possible school programs to correct the problem.

Quarantine Policy was discussed. This is a state requirement and was approved as written. Motion by Nelson seconded by Dr. Kapler-carried.

Year to date budget of 61.12% spending at 66.12% of the year. Some fees have increased for things like well closings , ect.


No new business.


No old business.


Motion to adjurn. Motion by Dr. Kapler seconded by Nelson-carried (0817 P.M.)


Respectfully Submitted,

Dick Nelson


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