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Board of Health/AdvisoryBoard Minutes for May 8,2006


Members present: Pat McDonnell, Barb Quam, Dr. Lisa Kapler, Joyce Russell. Dick Nelson, absent.

Others Present: Jeff Sherman, Pat Zwanziger.


Meeting called to order by Board Chair Pat McDonnell at 7:00 p.m.


Agenda Approved – Motion by Kapler, Second by Russell.


Minutes approved- Motion by Russell, Second by Kapler.


Jeff Sherman – Grants to Counties Well Program amount to Increase depending on how many Counties apply. Kapler made a motion to approve Grants to Counties Application. Second by Russell. Approved.


Pat Zwanziger – Coast report done with six mounts of data – raised changes accordingly. Will re evaluate at end of year. Probably will increase at that time.

Further discussion on Isolation & quarantine. Policy states that family can be used to take things to the quarantined.   

Grant application for local public health services presented. Needs to be approved and sent to the state. Monies should be about the same as current year.

Medicare recertification done, original visit last fall had eight deficiencies at that time. At this time, only one deficiency.

Chart audits improving. Audit review signed by Chair & Medical director.

Budget doing well for this time of year. through March used 72% of approved budget.

Discussion on home health aids, the part time people aren’t guaranteed a cretin number of hours. Possible next year to make two more full time positions and eliminate some of the part time positions. Hopefully this will improve in getting good help and keeping them.

The state department of health is working on creating uniform standards for all public health agencies. Unknown how soon this would be implemented – many problems and concerns need to be decided prior to implementation.


Pat Zwanziger Brought up questions on who should be doing her evaluations & who should determine mileage compensation. Discussion on how to present change of mileage recommendations to supervisors.


Jeff Sherman presented budget, still under budget for % of year past.


Jeff will be going to a soil absorption school and Sanitarian orientation in Des Moines.

Will send  Letter to contractors to advise no one will be in office for the four days of orientation .


No new Business


No old Business


Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                                            Barb Quam


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