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Board of Health / Advisory Board Minutes for January 8th 2007


Members present: Dr. Lisa Kapler, Joyce Russell, Barb Quam, Gaylen Hicok

Others Present: Jeff Sherman, Pat Zwanziger, Lisa Koppin and Rose Brady


Election of Chair & Co-Chair – Lisa Kapler made a motion for Pat McDonald as Chair and Barb Quam as Co-Chair, Second by Gaylen Hicok – Motion Carried


Meeting called to order by Board Co-Chair Barb Quam at 7:05 p.m.


Agenda Approved – Motion by Dr. Kapler , Second by Russell - Motion Carried


Minutes approved- Motion by Hicok, Second by Kapler- Motion Carried


Pat Zwanziger –Home Health/ Public Health Report.

A.     Report on Budget – Request in budget for this year is for electronic records, would include hardware & software. Request is for $90,000 from County.

B.     Request – To raise number of full time Aides, Secretary and one more Nurse.

C.     Request – an 11% increase for an LPN to bring her salary in line with other employees. Also a 12% raise for sectaries to bring them in line with other county employees.

D.     Budget Approved in February.

Lisa Koppin & Rose Brady from North Iowa Community Action gave a summary of programs and changes for the upcoming year. Rose will be retiring at the end of March, Lisa will be taking her place.


Jeff Sherman-Sanitarian


Budget:  Current budget unavailable, Last printout shows well below budget.

B.        “Time of Transfer” Inspections were discussed pertaining to sewage treatment systems. Jeff to do more research. Tabled at this time.

C.       Environmental Health Emergency Response Plain presented some discussion. Motion to approve plan made by Dr. Kapler, Second by Hicok. Motion Carried.


Meeting dates for the year are: March 12th, May 14th, July 9th, September 10th and November 12th.


No old Business


Next meeting will be March 12th.


Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.


                                                                                                Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                                                            Barb Quam


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