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Meeting Minutes

Board of Health / Advisory Board Minutes for November 13, 2007


Members present: Barb Quam, Joyce Russell, Gaylen Hicok

Others Present: Jeff Sherman, Pat Zwanziger


Meeting called to order by Board Vise Chair Barb Quam at 7:00 p.m.

Agenda Approved – With addition of Russell’s term up and discussion on Sanitarian’s wage  Motion by Hicok  Second By  Russell - Motion Carried

Minutes of July 9, 2007 approved Motion by  Russell, Second by Hicok - Motion Carried


Pat Zwanziger –Home Health/ Public Health Report.

A.                 Quarterly Chart Audit report was reviewed and signed

B.                 Annual Report presented by Pat and discussed

C.                 Sliding fee policy- A Motion to exempt farmland from sliding fee scale by Hicok Second by Russell, Motion Carried The current sliding fees will continue to be used with no changes per the cost report

D.                 Discussion on Space for Public Health/ Home Health, Jefferson School had been looked at by Pat Zwanziger and Bob Lincoln- Case Management. Continuing to develop a proposal.

E.                  No Smoking on Court House Grounds was discussed, Board of Health will send a letter to board of Supervisors with their recommendation.

F.                   Times for future meeting was discussed, this was tabled until January.

G.                 Annual review of Bioterrorism plan was signed.

H.                 Advisory board members was discussed, no action taken.

I.                    Home care aids- Motion to eliminate the step raise by Hicok Second by Russell - Motion carried

J.                   A secretary’s wages where discussed, no action was taken at this time. The wage will remain the same.

K.                 Staffing positions where discussed- Pat Zwanziger’s letter of resignation from the Administrator position was accepted. Pat will fill the ½ time position that is open in the agency. The BOH will advertise and interview for her replacement. Pat’s last day as Administrator will be Jan 2, 2007. We appreciate her past work and am glad she is staying with the agency.

L.                  Medicare / Medicaid Cuts in funding were discussed.

M.                Year to date budget was reviewed

N.                 Joyce Russell’s BOH term is up in Dec. She is not available for another term. The BOS will appoint a new member.

Jeff Sherman-Sanitarian

A.        Year to date Budget for Board of Health was reviewed and we are at 28% for the year.

B.         Nuisance Ordinance Policy and Procedures- Motion to approve by Hicok Second by Russell Motion carried. Signed by Quam

C.         Fees for Septic & Wells where discussed to raise from $125 to $150 for septic systems and from $110 to $150 for wells. Starting January 1st, then raise it $25 dollars in 2009 and another $25 in 2010. Motion by Russell Second by Hicok - Motion Carried

D.        Procedures for septic systems, discussed and revised per Pat McDonnell Motion to Approve by Russell Second by Hicok - Motion carried. Signed By Quam     

New Business-None

Old Business- None

Next meeting - January 14, 2008 7PM in Assembly Room at Court House.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

                                                                                                Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                                                            Joyce M. Russell


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