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MARCH 10, 2008



Members Present:  Dr. Lisa Kapler and  Barb Quam.


Others Present: Jennifer O’Brien, Director of Public Health, Lori Cajthaml, Advisory Board Member,

and Jeff Sherman Health/Zoning.


Members Absent:  Dr.Bruce Dietrich, Pat McDonnell, and Gaylen Hicok. 


Guests:  Kenn Deike, Contractor-IOWWA (Iowa Onsite Wastewater Association)



Due to not having a quorum the Board of Health meeting was unofficial. 


Jeff Sherman, Health/Zoning


Jeff Sherman, Health/Zoning had guest speaker Kenn Deike, Contractor– IOWWA Board Member present program on Credentialing for Onsite Professionals.  Present:  Randy Liddle, Gary Mill, Mick Gage, Jim Kisch, May Wedeking, and Jim Tegtmeier. 


Kenn Deike explained the primary purpose of the credential is to set a national standard of practice and create a baseline of knowledge for onsite wastewater system installations. He also explained that Bremer County had just passed an ordinance requiring that all contractors in the county be certified within two years and several other counties were in the process of passing this same ordinance. This is something that the contractors are asking for and not just the counties.   


The credential exam is available to all states, cities, or counties.  The credential can be utilized in a number of different ways to enhance existing state or county programs in those areas without any existing standards for installation practices.  The exam will be administered by the IOWWA, whereby the IOWWA can determine the application processes, eligibility requirements and administration calendar for the exam.


Jim Tegtmeier agreed that there should be training requirements for Septic Contractors but thought the certification was a bit much, because of the extra cost to the contractors.   


There are two Credential Specifics: 


Basic Level Credential

·         Eligibility:  18 years old; High School diploma or GED.

·          Two hour exam

·          75 Multiple-choice questions

·          $95 for NEHA and NOWRA members; $110 for non-members.







Advanced Level Credential

·         Eligibility:  18 years old, High School diploma or GED, Two years installation experience

·         Three hour exam

·          125 Multiple-choice questions

·          $110 for NEHA and NOWRA members, $130 for non-members.


Kenn Deike, stressed the advantages of being certified.  It will improve the standards of practice, gain an advantaged over competitors, reduce ground water pollution, improve property values. 


For more information regarding the NEHA Certified Installer Program and how it can work for you, visit or call Credentialing Coordinator 303-756-9090 Ext:  339.


Jeff Sherman informed the Board a complaint was filed regarding a house in Rockford.  The place is surrounded by lots of junk cars, etc. Pictures were presented. Jeff checked to see if he was a licensed Junk Yard which he was not.  It was suggested by Barb Quam to write a letter explaining that a compliant was received and it is suggested to start cleaning the area up. 


Jennifer O’Brien – Floyd County Public Health/Home Health Administrator


Jennifer O’Brien, Administrator of Public Health visited with Dr. Kapler and Barb Quam regarding the Absence Policy.  Jennifer will review and rewrite policy accordingly.


Jennifer also informed Board that she is looking into more space and trying to find a grant to support the move.


 Jennifer reminded Board members that they previously approved the 6% raise for Janice Brahn, Secretary at their December 20, 2007 meeting.  Since a quorum was not present at meeting an email will be sent out to all Board members for approval of 6% wage increase effective July 1, 2008 for Janice and also approval of all Public Health/Home Health staff to receive a 3.5% wage increase effective July 1, 2008.  The Board of Supervisors approved a 3.5% wage increase for employees who are not in a bargaining unit or have their wages tied to an elected officials salary at their January 28, 2008 Board of Supervisors meeting. 


 The letter of support for non smoking facility was reviewed by Dr. Kapler and revisions made. 


Next meeting will be Monday,  May 12th  at 7:00 P.M., Assembly Room of the Floyd County Courthouse. 


Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.





Minutes take by Kim Schrage






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