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JUNE 12, 2008          



Flood Update


Members Present:  Gail Arjes, Gaylen Hicok, Pat McDonnell, and Lisa Kapler


Others Present:  Jeff Sherman Health/Zoning.


Jeff updated the board on his progress and setup on debris removal for the flood victims.  Called the DNR and got approval to use the old White Farm site for debris.  Allied Const. has contracted with the city to pick up at curbside and haul to site.  Jendro will then pick up and haul debris to landfill.


Several residents in Floyd County have been calling to get well-water tested.  Jeff will not be doing any well testing until waters have gone down more.  Jeff plans on contacting these residents during the week of 6-16-08.  Pat McDonnell suggested to Jeff he mention to the Board of Supervisors that he may need assistance from possibly a part-time employee for a short time.


Jeff has been in contact with local restaurants about getting inspections before they reopen if they have had flood water.


Gail updated the Board on tetanus clinics, have had a good response and will continue to have clinics until supply is gone.


Gail also informed the board that flood cleanup information has been distributed throughout Floyd County and has also been given to the Charles City Press.






Minutes taken by Gail Arjes, R.N.


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