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MARCH 09, 2009


7:00 PM – 8:30 PM


Members Present:  Gaylen Hicok, Rosemary Tobin, and Dr. Lisa Kapler


Other Present:  Jeff Sherman, Floyd County Sanitarian, Gail Arjes, Director of Public Health, Lori Cajthaml, Advisory Board Member,  and Kim Schrage


Members Absent:  Dr. Bruce Dietrich and Pat McDonnell


Guests:  Peggy Funk, I-Smile Coordinator, Lisa Koppin, North Iowa Community Action, and Jaci Miller, Region 2 Community Health Consultant.



Floyd County Sanitarian Report – Jeff Sherman


Meeting started with Jeff Sherman, Sanitarian presenting his reports.


A.  Budget for FY09 - Jeff reports Budget for FY09 is on target.


B.  Well Conference – Jeff attended Well Conference in Iowa City which was informational. 


C.  Meeting with Realtors – Jeff did a presentation on the time of transfer inspections with Ken Raising from Chickasaw County and this went very well.


D.  Contractor Certification -   Jeff attended this program held in Des Moines and passed his certification.  


Radon Kits  -  Over 100 kits have been sold through the Board of Health Department and the Public Health Department.


Meeting officially called to order at 7:35 pm by Dr. Lisa Kapler.


Agenda approved – Motion to approve agenda by Gaylen Hicok, seconded by Rosemary Tobin.  Motion carried.



Minutes from the January 26, 2009 meeting reviewed and approved by the Board.  Motion made by Rosemary Tobin to approve minutes, seconded by Gaylen Hicok.  Motion carried.


Introduction and welcome to Peggy Funk and Lisa Koppin. 


Lisa Koppin gave her report for North Iowa Community Action.  Lisa presented hand outs to the Board of Health regarding the different programs.


Maternal Health is an early identification and case management program for pregnant women.  This program allows for women to receive medical care early in their pregnancies.


Family Planning program provides reproductive health and family planning services to assist individuals in exercising personal choice in determining the number and spacing of children.  Clinical services include annual exams, PAP tests, breast exams, HIV screening and birth control. 


Child Health program promotes optimal health for children through periodic examination and early diagnoses of illness to provide effective diagnosis and treatment. 


WIC program is to improve the nutrition status and the access to healthcare for low income pregnant, breastfeeding or postpartum women, and infants and children under the age of 5 years.  This program provides nutrition, education and food vouchers that can be redeemed at local vendors. 


Peggy Funk, RDH BS Oral health Coordinator/I-Smile Coordinator presented information on I-Smile Program.  This is a program with a mission of providing Iowa children beginning at the age of one, regular and preventive dental care, including treatment when need.  


Peggy also explained to the Board of Health it was the duty of each local board or its designee to audit the required school certificates of dental screening.  The audits must be completed and submitted by June 30th.   The Board of Health decided to elect Peggy Funk as the designee to complete these audits.  Motion made by Gaylen Hicok to elect Peggy as designee to complete dental audits in Floyd County, seconded by Rosemary Tobin.  Motion carried. 





Gail Arjes, Floyd County Public Health/Home Health Administrator


Gail Arjes reviewed budget for FY09.  Gail stated budget is on target. 


Staff Changes – Sharon Bonwell retired February 27, 2009.  Hazel Swenson will now have full-time status.  Amanda Engels was terminated according to policy and will be charged $144.00 as reimbursement for training.  A Part-time position was offered to Roxanne Gray.  Roxanne has accepted the position.


FY10 Local Public Health Services Contract – Gail introduced Jaci Miller, Regional Community Health Consultant.  Jaci explained the different funding categories available in the state grant.  Funding will be less for the FY10 contract, dollar amounts have not been determined at this time.  Gail presented to the Board the activities that Public Health would like to bill for under the state grant.


Rosemary Tobin made a motion to approve the Local Public Health Contract for FY10, seconded by Gaylen Hicok.  Motion carried.


Old Business:  Gail informed the Board Mrs. Dietrich called regarding Dr. Dietrich’s position on Board of Health.  She stated that Dr. Dietrich will not be attending any Board of Health meetings due to his health.  Board will keep in mind and suggestions for a new member to replace Dr. Dietrich.  Jaci Miller, Region Community Health Consultant will be doing training for new members elected to the Board of Health.  She will do this sometime in May 2009.


Next meeting will be held May 11, 2009 at 7:00 pm in the Assembly Room of the Floyd County Courthouse. 


Motion made to adjourn meeting by Gaylen Hicok, seconded by Rosemary Tobin.  Motion Carried.


Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m. 


Minutes taken by:




Kim Schrage


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