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NOVEMBER 9, 2009

7:00 PM TO 8:15 PM



Members present:  Gaylen Hicok, Rosemary Tobin, and Dr. Lisa Kapler.


Others present:  Jeff Sherman, Floyd County Sanitarian, Gail Arjes, Director of Public Health, and Kim Schrage.


Members Absent:  Dr. Jodie Buehler and Pat McDonnell.



Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by Dr. Lisa Kapler. 


Addendum added to agenda regarding Public Health Modernization Committee Meeting in Des Moines, Iowa which was attended by Dr. Lisa Kapler.  Motion to approve agenda with additions made by Rosemary Tobin, seconded by Gaylen Hicok.


Minutes from September 14, 2009 reviewed and approved by the Board.  Motion made by Gaylen Hicok, seconded by Rosemary Tobin. 


Gail Arjes, Floyd County Public Health/Home Health Administrator


A.  YTD Budget – Floyd County Public Health still within budget.  H1N1 Phase 2 and 3 funding from August through October has been submitted to the state.  Payment has not been received yet.


B.  Annual Report - Annual Report was handed out to board members and reviewed. 


C:   Medicare Survey - Gail explained to the board regarding the results of the recertification survey conducted on August 12, 2009 to determine compliance with the Conditions for participation in the Medicare certification program for home health agencies.  Public Health received 5 deficiencies. A plan of correction was submitted and accepted by the state.


D:  Chart Audit Report – Emily Bormann completed quarterly chart audits on 11-3-09.  Results of audit shared with board members.                     





E:  Healthy Communities Initiative Contract (formerly titled Harkin Wellness Grant) – This contract will run for a 2 year project period and the contract amount is for $100,000.  Jan Streich wrote the grant with collaboration between Charles City Schools, Mental Health Center of North Iowa, and Public Health.  This grant will go towards providing mental health counseling in Charles City School District. 


F:  H1N1 Update – A public clinic was held on October 26, 2009 for a targeted group.  Also Public Health has started going into the schools. Clinics are going very well. 


G:  Board of Health – Pat McDonnell and Gaylen Hicok’s term will expire 12/31/2009.    Board was informed that Pat McDonnell will accept another term and Gaylen Hicok voiced he would also stay depending on which of his real estate would sell first.


Jeff Sherman, Floyd County Sanitarian Report


A:  YTD Budget – Jeff reports his budget is at 34%. 


B:  Nuisance Complaints – Jesse Marzen, County Attorney will issue a letter this week regarding the nuisance complaint.  Jeff reports other nuisance complaint individual is working on his property and showing improvement.


C:  Healthy Homes Initiative – Misty is doing research looking for grants.  Looking for partners.


D:  IGWA Conference - Jeff and Misty attended last week.


E:  Grants to County Audit & Procedures – Audits will be done in December.  An audit of all receipts and policies will be reviewed.  Misty has prepared all of this information for the audit. Note that Pat McDonnell signed the Grants to County Procedures before he left.  


Old Business:  Dr. Lisa Kapler updated Board regarding the meeting she attended on September 30th in Des Moines, Iowa regarding Public Health Modernization Committee.  She is serving on the education committee. 








New Business:  Gail updated the Board regarding the move of Public Health.  The move is tentatively set for January 2010.  Gail also informed the board Public Health will partner with Bob Lincoln on sharing the server and using Next Generation Technologies as our IT support.  A new immunization refrigerator will be arriving soon.  This was purchased with grant money.


Motion to adjourn meeting by Rosemary Tobin, seconded by Gaylen Hicok. 


Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm. 


Minutes taken by:




Kim Schrage





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