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MARCH 8, 2010

7:00 PM to 8:30 PM



Members Present:  Dr. Lisa Kapler, Rosemary Tobin, Gaylen Hicok, and Dr. Jodie Buehler


Members Absent:  Pat McDonnell


Others Present:  Jeff Sherman, Floyd County Sanitarian, Gail Arjes, Director of Public Health, and Kim Schrage. 


Guests:  Jaci Miller, Regional Community Health Consultant



Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by Dr. Lisa Kapler. 


Gail Arjes requested an amendment to the agenda:  hiring of a Home Care Aide.  Rosemary Tobin made a motion to approve agenda with amendment, seconded by Gaylen Hicok.  Motion carried. 


Minutes from the January 18, 2010 meeting reviewed and approved by the Board.  Motion made by Gaylen Hicok, seconded by Dr. Jodie Buehler.  Motion carried. 


Gail Arjes, Floyd County Public Health/Home Health Administrator


  1. YTD Budget – Gail presented Financial Report through January 2010.  Still waiting approval on the budget for the upcoming year. 


  1. Approval of Performance Measure FY10 LPHSC, which included looking at the public health standards and deciding if there is or is not evidence of each measure being met within the agency.   Rosemary Tobin made motion to accept the Performance Measure FY10 LPHSC, seconded by Dr. Jodie Buehler.  Motion carried. 







  1. Approval of Application FY11 LPHSC – Activities selected included Disease Outbreak Investigation, Reportable Disease Follow-up, Surveillance; Home Care Aide (Homemaker); Home Care Aide (Personal Care); Nursing (Disease and Disability); Screening and Assessment.  Proposed dollars Floyd County will receive with this contract will be $64,626.  Dr. Jodie Buehler made motion to accept the Application FY11 LPHSC, seconded by Rosemary Tobin.  Motion carried.


  1. 2010 Iowa Governor’s Conference on Public Health (April 13th & 14th) – Gail informed board she will be attending.  Invited all board members to attend and agency will pay for registration fee and stay.  No board members expressed interest in attending.


  1. Chart Audits – Emily Bormann completed quarterly chart audits for Floyd County Public Health.  Results shared with the Board.


  1. Jaci Miller – Board of Health Responsibilities:  Local Board of Health is the governing board in their county or district for Public Health.  Board of Health must consist of five members and one must be a licensed physician. They serve a three year term.   Must have a minimum of quarterly meetings.  Fifty percent of the board membership constitutes a quorum.  Jaci explained to the Board the different funding areas on the state grant. Local Board of Health decides where the funding goes.   Jaci encouraged all members to contact her with any questions, concerns, or if they would like more training.    


  1. Hiring Home Care Aide – Gail informed the Board of Health she hired Sally Buehler on February 12, 2010.  Sally will be working part-time.


Jeff Sherman, Floyd County Sanitarian Report


  1. YTD Budget – Budget on Target


  1. Nuisance Complaint – Floyd County received one new complaint which was turned over to the City of Charles City.


  1. Update procedures – Procedures were updated and signed by Board members.  Procedures updated were 1) Contractor Licenses 2) Septic Installation 3) Septic Permits – Complaint Procedure Time of Transfer. 




  1. Illegal septic system update – Russ Schroder, Attorney informed Floyd County Sanitarian’s office that his client (Rudd) will be in to pay for the septic permit.


  1. Update on new office – Jeff informed the Board the move to their new office is complete.  Bridget, Jeff and Misty reside on the 1st floor of the courthouse.


  1. 2010 Iowa Governor’s Conference on Public Health - Jeff will be attending the conference on April 13-14, 2010 in Ames, Iowa.  Jeff also offered members of the Board to attend this conference. 


  1. Update from EHRT meeting – Jeff had a meeting on February 22nd, update on potential spring flooding and possible deployment in the state if needed.

Flood forecast ( – Jeff informed the Board this website was very informational.


Old Business:  No old business


New Business:  No new business


Next meeting will be held at the Floyd County Public Health/Home Health office located at 1003 Gilbert Street on May 10, 2010 at 7:00 pm. 


Motion to adjourn meeting was made by Dr. Lisa Kapler, seconded by Rosemary Tobin.  Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm. 


Minutes taken by:




Kim Schrage


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