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Meeting Minutes


September 13, 2010

7:00 PM to 7:50 PM



Members present:  Gaylen Hicok, Rosemary Tobin, Dr. Jodie Buehler, and

Dr. Lisa Kapler


Members Absent:  Pat McDonnell


Others present: Jeff Sherman, Floyd County Sanitarian, Gail Arjes, Director of Public Health


Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Dr.  Lisa Kapler.


Agenda reviewed motion made by Jodie Buehler to approve the meeting agenda as presented, second by Rosemary Tobin.


Minutes of the July 12th 2010 meeting reviewed, motion by Rosemary Tobin second by Jodie Buehler to approve the July 12th 2010 minutes.


Gail Arjes, Floyd County Public Health/Home Health Administrator


A.  YTD and FYE 09/10 budgets reviewed.  Budget is on target for FY 10/11.


B.  Gail informed the board of how the contract for school nursing was going with RRMR Schools.  Diana Swartzrock is no longer the nurse going to Rockford.  Gail made the change to Stacy Kabele.  All is going well at the school.  Stacy has been busy writing IEPs, emergency plans, and assisting the medical assistants and secretaries with any questions they may have.


Jeff Sherman, Floyd County Sanitarian Report


A.  Year to date budget at 19.63%








B.  Well sampling has picked up doing about 9 a week.  Have done a few well closings.

Septic system installations have picked up this month had been slow this summer. Have about 15 permits issued that the system needs to be installed. One of our Contractors that were not going to get certified changed his mind and is going this

month to do so. Also have one other new contractor that is also going through the certification.


Old Business:  No old business.


New Business:  Jeff asked Board for guidance on penalty for a contractor that is not certified. There has been some issues in Butler County with none certified contractors installing system. The board felt that Jeff should issue a citation. Also should put something in his procedures to reflect this. Jeff will have Misty add something to their procedures and present it to the board. 


Next meeting will be held on November 8th at 7:00 p.m. at the Floyd County Public Health/Home Health Care office located at 1003 Gilbert Street in Charles City, Iowa.


Meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.


Minutes taken by:





Gail Arjes, R.N.







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