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Meeting Minutes


November 8, 2010


I.  Call Meeting to Order


A.      Jaci Miller and Misty were acknowledged as a guest.

B.      Agenda items were added under the public health and sanitarian reports.

C.      Minutes were approved from the September 2010 BOH meeting.


II.  Floyd County Public Health/ Home Health Care Report


A.      Public Health update:

Year to date budget - well within budget

$3500 tax asking to date

Medicare referrals have doubled since this time last year.

Discharge planner at Mercy North Iowa is now Jennifer O’Brien which has been a nice connection for FCPH/HHC


B.      Chart Audits

Emily Bormann completed chart audits – 4th quarter April, May, June FY10. Drug regimen review, drug site effects were some of the general comments.


C.      HCBS Audit

Home and community based services – associated with respite, case management, and waiver programs.  Charting and paperwork changes are needed in order to be in compliance with HCBS.  Review was done by contracted individuals from ISU.  HCA charting – notes were made for minor/simple changes in way charting was done (i.e. time listing, listing out 2010), care plans, and policies (respite).  It is anticipated that they will come back within 6 months. 


D.     Community Wellness Grant Update

Grant that covers mental health within the school – project coordinator is Jan Streich who has moved on.  Gail is now in charge of this grant currently.  Gail has asked Jill Streich (CC schools) and Shelly Smith to coordinate the program and Public Health will oversee the fiscal.  Shelly and Jill have been actively involved with the grant for the past year.   Shelley Smith and Jill Streich – have been approved by the BOH to coordinate this program for 6-8 hours per week. Motion – Rosemary, seconded by Gaylen – motion passed.




E.      CHNA HIP

Results for Floyd County CHNA HIP were shared with the BOH.  225 individuals completed the survey that was targeted to varied county residents.  The survey was accessible via the county website and a link from the local newspaper.  The survey was targeted to high school kids, senior center members, BOH members and various community groups.  Various highlights were shared with the BOH members.  Asked if BOH members had suggestions to make to the Health Improvement Plan. Handout was provided of the survey results. Parenting skills, underage drinking, teen pregnancy – were selected areas/topics for the health improvement plan.


F.       December BOH agenda items – Dr. Buehler’s term expires in December.  He has acknowledged he would like to remain on the BOH.  There will be no BOH meeting in December – rather in January.  January 10th would be the next scheduled BOH meeting at 6:00 pm.  


G.     Drug Disposal

 A prescription drug drop program will be done at Public health hosted by Focus.  This will be done from 10-2 November 13th.


H.     Electronic charting

Carefacts is still being pursued through grant opportunities.


I.        Merit raises

Staff secretaries have approached Gail with a need for a wage increase - due to additional duties have been added to their job responsibilities.  It was suggested that the secretarial staff receive a larger increase at the beginning of the next fiscal year rather than being done at this current time.  They didn’t receive an annual increase in July – however other county employees did.  A total of 5 secretaries are on staff. It was suggested that increases be done in small increments with an increase mid fiscal year– rather than one large lump sum. Gail will provide the BOH with a budgeted amount for each secretary increase and additional work duties that have been assumed by each.


III.  Floyd County Sanitarian Report


A.      Year to date budget

Highlighted that the sanitarian budget is at 31% for the year through September 2010. Total revenues are $11,000.




B.      Information from  IEHA Conference

Conference was held by IDPH and covered topics of: data tracking programs, time of transfer, and various other updates. 


C.      Well and septic update

Report was provided to the BOH highlighting that 71 septic permits have been issued and 60 have been installed.  17 of these systems are a direct result of the new time of transfer law, with about half of the remainder preparing for future sales.  This is above our normal average of 45 to 50 septic systems being installed during a given year.   Discussion was had concerning the upcoming Governor’s campaign to eliminate the time of transfer law.  Jeff stated that he would like Floyd County to continue with the time of transfer law, even if the state has to eliminate it.


12 well permits have been issued so far this fiscal year, which is slightly up from last year.  74 water tests have been done this fiscal year with 28 testing positive for bacteria, which is about average, 1 testing positive for e.coli, and 2 testing high in nitrates above the infant health advisory which is below normal.  Also 13 wells have been plugged this year.  Grants to Counties money is good right now, but may run out before end of fiscal year if we keep this pace.


D.     Radon Mini Grant

Jeff and Misty attended the Iowa Air Coalition and learned the State Radon Grant will be going back to the State of Iowa.  It is currently administered by Linn County, but due to increasing administrative costs the grant will be administered under the Healthy Homes Program with IDPH.  Due to the change in grant administration, there was money available to the Counties for mini-grants for to help with Radon awareness activities and Misty submitted an application for a mini-grant with up to $2,500 possible being awarded to a maximum of 11 counties.  Misty was hoping to have heard whether we were approved for the grant by today, but has heard nothing so far.  With the mini-grant, Misty would like to put on two seminars for the public to talk about radon and give a demonstration on how to use a radon test kit and fill out and return the test kit to

the lab for analysis.  Misty also lined up a radon mitigator and measurement specialist

to talk at the seminars concerning their procedures and what a homeowner can expect if they were to come into the home.  Each participant will receive a free radon test kit and information concerning healthy homes.  Misty will also be preparing a survey to send out to residents concerning radon reduction systems and radon resistant construction,






which will also include questions relating to their health and home as a way to lay the groundwork in determining if a healthy homes program would be beneficial to Floyd County.  Gail mentioned that she still has a contract with survey monkey until July 1st, which could be used for this survey as well.


E.      News letter idea

Misty presented an idea of putting together a Floyd BOH newsletter that would target various public and environmental health issues.  The Newsletter could include information from other departments as well.  This would be distributed through an email version as well as through the county website.  Some advertisement will be published in the Charles City Press to get the word out that a newsletter is now available.  The first topic for the newsletter was bed bugs, and Misty also provided a copy of a webinar hosted by IDPH for the Board Members to take home to review.


F.       Healthy Homes 

Misty attended the Lead conference, Health Homes Assessment and Energy Summit during September and October.  There is a federal movement toward green and healthy homes which is called the Green Healthy Homes Initiative.  EPA, CDC, and HUD are partnering together to come up with some sort of National Standard.  Misty learned that it is important to partner with “weatherization assistance” programs – as the programs would assist families that could also benefit from Healthy Homes.  She will be meeting with Community In Action’s Family Team on December 5th to talk with them about healthy homes.


G.     Procedures

Private Well emergency procedure has been updated and was presented to the BOH for approval.  This was completed with the assistance of the emergency preparedness grant – environmental health workgroups.


IV.                Next meeting

January 10, 2011 @ 6:00 pm


V.                  Meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm.


Minutes taken by:




Gail Arjes, R.N.


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