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Meeting Minutes


MAY 9, 2011



Members Present:  Dr. Lisa Kapler, Rosemary Tobin, Pat McDonnell, Dr. Jodie Buehler, and Gaylen Hicok joined meeting at 7:00 pm.


Members Absent: None


Other Present:  Gail Arjes, Administrator Floyd County Public Health, Jeff Sherman, Floyd County Sanitarian, Mark Kuhn and Doug Kamm, Floyd County Board of Supervisors, Mary Augustin, Tammy Steege, and Roger Hansen.



Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm by Dr. Kapler.


Minutes of the March 14, 2011 meeting reviewed. Motion made Pat McDonnell to approve the minutes, seconded by Rosemary Tobin, motion carried.


Agenda reviewed with motion made by Pat McDonnell to move agenda item II. B. to item II. A., seconded by Dr. Jodie Buehler, motion carried.


Gail Arjes, Floyd County Public Health/Home Health Care Administrator


Dr. Kapler commented that the Board of Health members received a letter from the Board of Supervisors, signed by Mark Kuhn.  The letter is requesting the BOH to reconsider a decision made by the board at the March 14, 2011 meeting regarding the homemaker program.  The decision at the March 14th meeting was reviewed and reasons why that decision was made were discussed which included: use of tax dollars, increased need for more other public health services, and decrease in grant funding from IDPH.  Gail presented the Board with graphs that showed the cost of agency programs and how the homemaker program is funded. Information was also given as to what grants/funding sources have been or will be decreased and information regarding what services is mandated by the Iowa Code to provide.  Dr. Lisa Kapler spoke regarding Accreditation for Public Health Standards, and Floyd County will need more resources to meet those standards.  Mark Kuhn, Floyd County Supervisor who






was present spoke as to why they sent the letter.  Mr. Kuhn stated that the Public Health budget is well within budget, the state legislature has not made a final decision

regarding their budget, and he received calls from residents who used the homemaker services and are now concerned about how their needs will be met.  Gail presented the Board with a drafted policy regarding the homemaker program and a possible compromise for the Board to consider.  Policy states checklist/guidelines will be used to determine the amount of time needed in the home for homemaker services.  Board reviewed the policy and checklist.  A motion was made by Pat McDonnell to approve the policy presented with the following change: at a minimum the LPN or RN will review the patient care plan annually.  Seconded by Dr. Jodie Buehler, motion carried.


Year to Date budget reviewed.


Gail updated the Board regarding electronic medical records.  Gail informed the board that the company that we had been speaking with regarding the records was bought out by a larger company and can offer a web-based system, which means there is a much lower upfront cost.  The upfront cost with the web-based system is $6,000 compared to $40-$50,000 if we would purchase the software.  There would also be less IT time involved with a web-based system.  The monthly fee would be approximately $1,500.00 with the web-based system.  Gail informed the Board of Health that she did share this information with the Board of Supervisors on April 9th, 2011 and has their support.  Motion made by Rosemary Tobin to pursue the purchase of electronic medical records (CareFacts), seconded by Gaylen Hicok, motion carried.


Information was handed out regarding the County Health Rankings noting that Floyd County was in the bottom one-third of the state rankings.  Gail informed the Board that she has spoken with the Iowa Counties Public Health Association regarding the information.  The ICPHA suggested looking at the county health rankings website for suggestions as to ways to improve.  It was also mentioned by the ICPHA rep. Tom Longley that a lot of the factors that affect Floyd County were in the social and economic risk factors category.  Gail also spoke with Tom about potential grants and other ways that public health can help improve the rankings. 









Jeff Sherman, Floyd County Sanitarian Report


Budget- Jeff forgot to get the budget report from the auditor office so there is no report. From last budget it looks good at this time.


Carville cabins variance - Roger Hansen talked to the Board about the need for a variance for setback for their septic systems to the wells for four cabins. Jeff presented the Board of Health with a list of all the septic that have been updated or need to be updated after subdivision is approved.  It was determined that the closest well was 25 lot 6 & 7, then there is one that is 40 lot 12, lot 11 is 44 from the well, and the last one is 35 from well lot 15.  Motion to approve the variance for the four cabins made by Jodie and second by Rosemary, motion carried.


Jeff updated the Board on Grant to County activities. Jeff has done 111 well test and 11 well closing with $4,648 left to use by July 1st.


Jeff updated the Board on his AgERT training in Anniston. 


Old Business:  No old business


New Business:  No new business


Next meeting will be held on July 11, 2011 at 6:00 pm at the Floyd County Public Health/Home Health Care office located at 1003 Gilbert Street, Charles City, Iowa.


Minutes taken by





Gail Arjes, R.N.



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