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JULY 11, 2011


Members present: Dr. Lisa Kapler, Rosemary Tobin, Pat McDonnell, Dr. Jodie Buehler, and Gaylen Hicok


Members Absent: None


Others present: Gail Arjes, Administrator Floyd County Public Health and                  Jeff Sherman, Floyd County Sanitarian


Meeting called to order at 6:03 pm by Lisa Kapler.


Minutes of the May 9, 2011 meeting reviewed.  Motion made by Gaylen Hicok to approve the minutes, seconded by Rosemary Tobin, motion carried.


Agenda reviewed with the addition of II E. Request to Modify.  Motion made by Pat McDonnell to approve the agenda with the addition, seconded by Jodie Buehler, motion carried.


Gail Arjes, Floyd County Public Health/Home Health Care Administrator


FY 10/11 year end budget reviewed. Agency exceeded estimated income and had expenses less than budget using $102,899.70 of the $312,175.00 tax dollars asked for.


Chart audits reviewed and appropriate signatures obtained.


Agency policy/procedures reviewed and approved. Agency preparedness plan reviewed and approved.  Appropriate signatures obtained.


Discussion regarding the LPHS Contract Compliance Report performed by the Regional Community Health Consultant, IDPH was reviewed.  Copy was passed around to board members and copy was also submitted to Warren Dunkel, Board of Supervisor.  Agency was found to be in full compliance with the Iowa Administrative Code and current contract in all areas reviewed.







Discussion was held regarding the need to request to modify the FY12 LPHSC for case management services. Agency has obtained approval to use the Financial and Statistical Cost Report submitted to DHS for 6-30-10 as our cost report for case management services for FY12 LPHSC.  Motion made by Gaylen Hicok to approve the Request to Modify FY12 LPHSC, seconded by Jodie Buehler, Motion carried.


Jeff Sherman, Floyd County Sanitarian


FY10/11 year end budget review showing 90.51% of budget used. 


Reviewed Grants to County activities for the year and had new contract signed by Chairperson.


Jeff gave the Board an update on well and septic activities for the year.  He reported they have installed 62 septic in the last year and 25 wells.


Jeff updated the Board on the septic pumpersí inspection and upcoming training for this.


Jeff gave the board a report from Misty on the Healthy Homes Conference she attended in Denver.   


Old Business:  No old business


New Business:  No new business


Next meeting will be held September 12th, 2011 at 6:00 pm at the Floyd County Public Health/Home Health Care office located at 1003 Gilbert Street, Charles City, Iowa.


Minutes taken by




Gail Arjes, R.N.



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