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September 10, 2012



Members Present:  Dr. Jodie Buehler, Gaylen Hicok, Pat McDonnell, and Dr. Lisa Kapler


Members Absent:  Rosemary Tobin


Others Present:  Gail Arjes, Administrator Floyd County Public Health and Jeff Sherman, Floyd County Sanitarian




Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm by Dr. Lisa Kapler.


Minutes from the July 9, 2012 meeting reviewed.  Motion made by Pat McDonnell to approve the minutes, seconded by Jodie Buehler, motion carried.


Agenda reviewed with motion made by Jodie Buehler to approve the agenda as presented, seconded by Gaylen Hicok, motion carried.


Gail Arjes, Floyd County Public Health/Home Health Care Administrator


Fiscal year end 2012 budget reviewed showing $54,354.00 was given back to the general fund.  YTD budget reviewed through July with no concerns with budget noted.


Reviewed the letter sent out to Board members in August in regards to a letter of support for ABCM Corporation providing in home non-medical care e.g., errands, windows, yard work, nights and weekends.  These services are needed within the county and the Board approved the writing of the letter of support via email. 


2013 Vaccines for Children Grant RFP reviewed.  Floyd County may receive $9,526.00 if grant approved.  Administrator also informed the Board of an additional $5,000.00 of funding the county can apply for to put towards adult vaccination.  These dollars cannot be used to purchase vaccine but can be used to establish an adult vaccination program and the various aspects that go along with billing for adult vaccines.  Pat McDonnell made motion to submit grant application and apply for adult funding, seconded by Gaylen Hicok, motion carried.




Discussion was held in regards to various employee wages.  Handout was given to the Board with wages of other county employees with similar duties.  Noted was the wage of Janice Brahn, secretary who has been employed since 2005.  Gail informed the Board of a change of job duties for Janice. Also discussed the idea of merit increases, the Board suggested that administrator could do some research on merit increases, but Board was not certain at this time that merit increases are in the best interest of the agency. The Board recommended a minimum of a 3% pay increase for Janice.  The Board would also like approval from the Board of Supervisors prior to wage increase.  Motion made by Gaylen Hicok, seconded by Jodie Buehler, motion carried.


Jeff Sherman Floyd County Sanitarian Report


Year-to-date budget is at 16.99% for the year.


Jeff reported on the Grant to County Contract for 2012/2013 which has increased from last year due to not all counties using all of their money last year. This year we will receive $23,469 for well testing, well plugging, cistern plugging, and well reconstruction.


 Jeff presented the Board with a variance for Brian Chatfield’s septic system  for the ten foot setback from the pipe coming from the house to the well per code as it is now 5’ instead of 10’.  It may end up more than 5’ after concrete is taken out in front of house. There was a motion by Pat McDonnell to approve the variance for the 5’ setback and a second by Jodie Buehler, motion carried.


Discussion was held in regards to Misty going on maternity leave on September 17th. Jeff is going to handle the office by himself as much as he can, but my need some help part-time. Gail has offered staff to help if needed.


Jeff informed the Board that he would be attending a FDA Retail Seminar/EHRT meeting in Council Bluffs the 26th & 27th of September.


 Old Business: No old business


New Business:  Gail reported that Public Health will be going to schools in Floyd County providing Tdap, which is provided by the State, to all the schools in Floyd County.  This Tdap will be given to 6th and 7th graders.  This is in response to the new Iowa requirements for school year 13/14 that will require a Tdap vaccination for all entering 7th grade.



Next meeting will be held December 3, 2012 at 6:00 pm at the Floyd County Public Health/Home Health Care office located at 1003 Gilbert St., Charles City, Iowa.



Minutes taken by:








Gail Arjes, R.N.


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