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Meeting Minutes


December 3, 2012




Members Present:  Dr. Lisa Kapler, Pat McDonnell, and Gaylen Hicok


Members Absent:  Jodie Buehler and Rosemary Tobin


Others Present: Gail Arjes, Floyd County Public Health and Jeff Sherman, Floyd County Sanitarian




Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm by Dr. Lisa Kapler.


Minutes from the September 10, 2012 meeting reviewed. Motion made by Pat McDonnell to approve the minutes, seconded by Gaylen Hicok.


Agenda reviewed with motion made by Gaylen Hicok to approve the agenda as presented, seconded by Pat McDonnell, motion carried.


Gail Arjes, Floyd County Public Health/Home Health Care Administrator


YTD budget (through October 2012) presented with no concerns noted.


Chart audits from fourth quarter 2011 and first quarter 2012 reviewed.  Emily will continue to come quarterly to review charts.


FYE June 30, 2012 Annual Report presented.  Board members will review.


Pertussis update:   Nora Springs area has had several cases of Pertussis, public health continuing to do follow-up as the cases are reported.  Also, public health has been going to the schools to provide Tdap to 6th and 7th graders.  Have completed the Tdap immunization in Nora Springs, Rockford is being done on 12-7-12, and Charles City will be completed on 12-11-12.





Medicare and Medicaid cost reports for year ending June 30, 2012 are complete.  The cost to provide services has gone up.  It was suggested by our accountant to increase our charge for visits/hours provided.  Presented to the Board current charges: Skilled Nursing $110.00, Physical Therapy $115.00, Occupational Therapy $115.00, Speech Therapy $115.00, Home Health Aide $35.00, Homemaker $35.00.  The new charges presented/suggested to the Board are as follows:  Skilled Nursing $115.00, Physical Therapy $120.00, Occupational Therapy $120.00, Speech Therapy $120.00, Home Health Aide $38.00 and Homemaker $38.00.  Pat McDonnell made the motion to increase the charges as presented, Gaylen Hicok seconded, motion carried.  Gail also reviewed settlements from Medicare and Medicaid indicating $0 due to Medicare and $16,066 due from Medicaid.


Jeff Sherman, Floyd County Sanitarian Report


Year-to-date budget is at 29.83% used for the year.


Jeff presented his FY13/14 budget to the Board for review and approval with three changes:

1.)  Decrease wage of Assistant from $15,360 to $12,480 which may need adjusting depending on the skill level of the replacement of Misty

2.)   8% increase for Jeff in wages

3.)   $1,500 for a new computer for Jeff’s Assistant

 There was a motion to approve budget as presented by Pat McDonnell and a second by Gaylen Hicok


Jeff noted the resignation of Misty Day and discussed time frame for replacement for her. Jeff is looking at the end of January to start the process.


Discussion on bed bug call that Jeff received from a local physician’s assistant about the number of cases they have seen from two of the local assisted living facilities. He told the Board that he had been in contact with the IDPH to see what could be done. He was told that bed bugs were a nuisance and there is no one at the state that regulates bed bugs. IDPH did give him a number for DIA to have the PA call in a complaint to their hot line for the facilities.


Jeff reported on the number of septic and wells installed in 2012. There were 61 septic and 18 wells installed.    






Old Business:  No old business.


New Business:  No new business. 


Next meeting will be held on January 14, 2013 at 6:00 pm at the Floyd County Public Health/Home Health Care office located at 1003 Gilbert Street, Charles City, Iowa. 


Motion made by Pat McDonnell to adjourn meeting at 7:15, seconded by Gaylen Hicok.


Minutes taken by:






Gail Arjes, R.N.



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