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MARCH 25, 2013


Members Present:  Dr. Jodie Buehler, Dr. Lisa Kapler, Dave Tice, and Rosemary Tobin


Members Absent:  Pat McDonnell


Others Present:  Gail Arjes, Administrator Floyd County Public Health,

Jeff Sherman, Floyd County Sanitarian, and Roy Schwickerath, Floyd County Board of Supervisors




Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm by Dr. Lisa Kapler.


Minutes from the January 14, 2013 meeting reviewed.  Motion made by Dave Tice to approve the minutes, seconded by Jodie Buehler, motion carried.


Agenda reviewed.  Motion made by Rosemary Tobin to approve the agenda as presented, seconded by Jodie Buehler, motion carried.


Gail Arjes, Floyd County Public Health/Home Health Care Administrator


YTD budget reviewed with no concerns noted at this time and Public Health is within budget.


Gail reviewed email that was sent out on 2-8-13 to Board of Health members concerning the Local Public Health Service Contract.  Floyd Countyís projected allocation for this contract is $61,208.  Gail asked Board members in the email to review services being applied for, which were: Nursing (Skilled), Home Care Aide-Personal Care, Home Care Aide-Homemaker, Screening and Assessment, and Case Management.  All Board members responded by email and approved the LPHSC services being applied for.  Contract has been submitted.


Performance measure for LPHS Contract reviewed.  Floyd County Public Health continues to work towards the goals identified in the Community Health Needs Assessment and Health Improvement Plan (CHNA & HIP).  Progress was reviewed.  Motion made by Dave Tice to approve the presented performance measure, seconded by Rosemary Tobin, motion carried.




Update was given on Preparedness activities.  Activities include completing grant requirements of working towards forming multi-county coalitions.  Floyd County is working with Franklin and Butler.  Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and By-Laws have been created and given to the Board for review.


Chart audits reviewed.  Chart audits continue to be completed by an outside agency.


Gail informed the Board that Floyd County Public Health has been approached by a representative from Connect America, a mobile alert system.  The company would like to partner with Public Health to install mobile alert systems.  Public Health would receive $100.00 monthly for each unit installed.  Gail has reviewed the contract and feels it would be beneficial to possibly have the County Attorney review to be sure that there is not a conflict of interest with the services we currently provide.  The Board agreed to move forward with looking into partnering and would also like the County Attorney to review contract. 


Jeff Sherman, Floyd County Environmental Health Report


Jeff presented his YTD budget which is at 60% for the year.


Jeff informed the Board that he has received 3 dog bit reports from the Charles City PD in the last 2 months. This is due to the change in the cities procedures for reporting animal bits. That includes sending a copy of all animal bit reports to the Board of Health.


Jeff and Supervisor Schwickerath updated the Board on help in the office. The Supervisorís plan on hiring a full time Zoning/GIS/Safety person to take work away from Jeff so he will not need help with the environmental health side of his job. Supervisor Schwickerath also presented the new job descriptions to the Board of Health for review.    


Old Business: None


New Business:  Gail informed the Board that IDPH has received a grant to assist Local Public Health agencies with third party billing for immunizations.  The dollar amount has not been received yet, but Gail feels this will only benefit the residents of Floyd County and could be a revenue source for Public Health.  A letter of support was signed by the Board.  Gail informed the Board that the RFP for local public health agencies may be out as soon as early April.



Supervisor Schwickerath ask the Board of Health to do employee evaluations on Gail and Jeff. Evaluation form was given to the Board.  Gail will get an electronic version to all Board members when the Board of Supervisors is ready for evaluations to be completed.


Next meeting will be held on May 20, 2013 6:00 PM at the Floyd County Public Health/Home Health Care office located at 1003 Gilbert Street, Charles City, Iowa. 


Motion made by Jodie Buehler to adjourn, seconded by Dave Tice, motion carried.


Minutes taken by:





Gail Arjes, R.N.








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