Meeting Minutes

Floyd County Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting

December 26, 2006, 9:00 AM


The Floyd County Board of Supervisors met for a regular meeting at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, December 26, 2006 in the Board Room of the Floyd County Courthouse with the following in attendance:  Chairman Staudt, Supv. Dunkel and Supv. Enabnit.

Enabnit/Dunkel moved to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion carried 3-0.  

Dunkel/Enabnit moved to approve the December 11, 12, and 18, 2006 minutes.  Motion carried 3-0.

Enabnit/Dunkel moved to approve the following claims with claim #2026 being paid at $200, not $300 for a well closing per motion made on January 10, 2006:  County #1991-2170, Secondary Roads #18754-18773, and MH-DD #56901-56932.  Motion carried 3-0.

Dunkel/Enabnit moved to appoint Pat McDonnell and Galen Hicok to the Board of Health for three-year terms.  Motion carried 3-0. 

Enabnit/Dunkel moved to appoint Dawn Garbes, Tim Staudt, Trevis O’Connell and Warren Dunkel to the Area Development Corporation for two-year terms.  Motion carried 3-0.

Dunkel/Enabnit moved to reappoint Ron Muff to the Board of Adjustments for a five-year term.  Motion carried 3-0.

Enabnit/Staudt moved to appoint Warren Dunkel to the 28E County Behavioral Health Oversight Board.  Motion carried 3-0. 

Bruce Hovden, County Assessor, and the Board discussed GIS guidelines for people/businesses who desire to purchase our GIS shape files.  Dunkel/Enabnit moved to charge $500 for GIS shape files to businesses who wish to purchase the information.  Motion carried 3-0. 

Dusten Rolando, County Engineer, presented information regarding a vacation of roadway easement.  Enabnit/Dunkel moved to set 10 a.m. on January 23 for a meeting to discuss and take action to vacate and close the secondary roadway easement in Section 18, Twp 96N, Rge 18W.  Motion carried 3-0.

Rolando and the Board discussed the damage to the road to the ethanol plant.  It is up to Allied to determine if charges will be filed.  Rolando has accepted the work done on the road.  Seeding is all that is left to be done.  Rolando distributed Foreman’s meeting minutes.  Supv Staudt recommended a meeting be set up for Drainage Dist #2 on January 23.  Rolando is waiting on valuations to complete his budget.  Rolando is looking into the March Ave bridge to see if he can get it in as a day labor project. 

The hearing for the purpose of entering into a lease purchase agreement with the City of Charles City for properties located in the NE¼ SW¼ NW¼ east of the railroad in Sec 12, Twp 95N, Rge 16W and the W70’ of Lot 4 and W 70’ of the S 25’ of Lot 3, Block 13 in Gilbert’s Addition, known as 1200 Second Street, Charles City opened at 10:00 a.m.  The Auditor received no written or oral objections or comments prior to the hearing.  The hearing closed at 10:02 a.m.  Dunkel commented that he believes this is a good use of an asset to continue to be used for public domain.  The city of Charles City was going to act on the proposed agreement last week.  Dunkel/Enabnit moved to enter into an agreement with the city of Charles City to lease the 2nd Street property to the city and they have the option to purchase the property from the County per the proposed agreement and appoint the Auditor to work out insurance requirements.  Motion carried 3-0. 

The Board reviewed the Floyd County Government Disaster Recovery Plan.  Changes to the agreement were discussed.  The Auditor is waiting for confirmation that the Charles City Library could be used as an alternate location.  The plan is also missing a completed “Department Needs Summary” from the County Attorney’s office which can be completed by the County Attorney-elect when he takes office.  Enabnit/Dunkel moved to approve the Floyd County Government Disaster Recovery Plan.  Motion carried 3-0. 

Chairman Staudt and the Auditor updated the Board on the presentation by Brad Hiller, Interactive Health Solutions representative, and Tom O’Brien, Auxiant representative, regarding a Health Risk Management program presentation last Friday.  The County would like to see if the Floyd County Memorial Hospital could offer a service like IHS. 

The Employee Health Plan Amendment #4 that was recently approved has conflicting verbiage for the Routine Well Care Adult Benefits section.  The intent of the change was to have the deductible waived for the first $300 of Routine Well Care and then pay 80%.  The amendment reads that benefits are paid at 80% after the deductible is met and another line shows a $300 maximum limit.  Tom O’Brien, Auxiant representative, is going to get the verbiage corrected to read more clearly what our intent was and have the Supv Staudt and Auditor re-sign the amendment.   

The Auditor updated the Board on Floyd County being named and summoned for a civil case and has notified the insurance company accordingly.  The Auditor also updated the Board on two workers’ compensation reports where claims have exceeded the County’s limit of payment.  The Board was also notified about a liability claim for an injury that occurred on county property. 

The Auditor will schedule a tour of the Floyd County Memorial Hospital for January 2, 2007. 

Departmental budgets were discussed. 

A motion was made by Supervisor Dunkel and seconded by Supervisor Enabnit to adjourn.  Motion carried 3-0.


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