Meeting Minutes

Floyd County Board of Supervisors Workshop Meeting

February 12, 2007, 9:00 AM


The Floyd County Board of Supervisors met for a workshop meeting at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, February 12, 2007 in the Board Room of the Floyd County Courthouse with the following in attendance:  Chairman Dunkel, Supv. Enabnit, and Supv. Staudt

Staudt/Enabnit moved to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion carried 3-0.  

The Board will review claims individually after the meeting.

Pat Zwanziger, PH/HHC Director, presented information regarding the Bioterrorism Plan.  There will be tabletop exercises on March 29 and May 3 that a Supervisor needs to attend.

Jesse Marzen, County Attorney, presented information regarding a house in Rockford that has been deeded to the County.  Marzen said there is a renter and he is preparing paperwork for termination of lease/renter agreement.

Bridget Moe, Emergency Management Coordinator, the Auditor and the Board discussed insurance coverage for County volunteers, boards and pollworkers.  The County’s insurance provider is researching coverage and will get back to the Auditor with his findings.

Moe discussed ideas, guidelines and deadlines for using approximately $11,000 in regional emergency management money.  The most feasible way to spend the money by the deadline may be to add more cameras to the County’s current security system.  The Sheriff is working on getting a bid to expand the current system.

The Board discussed Moe’s mileage reimbursement claim for travel to and from home and work.  More reported that she was told to submit claims this way.  The Auditor explained that it is an IRS violation to pay for commuting between home and your regular workplace, with the exception of the Iowa Code allowing this type of compensation for the Board of Supervisors.  The Board will act on this at the next regular meeting.

Jeff Sherman, Zoning/E911 Addressing/Sanitarian, and the Board discussed well reconstruction and cistern closing costs.  The State will pay the County $600 of the actual costs plus 33% administration fee for well reconstruction.  To plug a well the State will pay the County $400 plus $75 administration.  The Board will act on what the County will pay for these services at the next regular meeting. 

Sherman provided letters from realtors regarding septic systems and the time of transfer of property.  The State is in the process of mandating time of transfer on septic systems.  Sherman has been in contact with some local realtors and will be attending a Realtor Association meeting next month to discuss this issue.

The Board reviewed correspondence between Bill Faust, Floyd County Memorial Hospital Director, and Senators Ragan and Beall regarding a proposed bill in legislation allowing the number of Hospital Commission members to be as many as 11.  The information supports that FCMH will not be mandated to increase the current five-member commission.  Faust believes it is not necessary for the Board to correspond with legislatures on this issue after reviewing the correspondence.

The Board reviewed a claim for the number of meetings a couple of Rock Grove Township Trustees attended and for hours of work a trustee submitted to gather and work on information for the Rudd Fire Station.  The Board will take action on compensating for this claim at the next regular meeting.

Bob Lincoln, CPC/Case Manager Director, would like to take over the vacated office space at the DHS building.  The MH/DD Department would assume costs associated for this space.  The Board will act on this at the next regular meeting.

Auxiant made changes to the Employee Health Plan per the Board’s discussion last week.  The revised plan was provided for review.  The Board will act on this at the next regular meeting.

The Auditor updated the Board on information regarding the bi-annual County Wellness Program.  Employee memos will go out with the next payroll.

The Auditor presented a quote for a laptop computer to be used during Board meetings, elections, training, etc.  The cost of the laptop will be paid from the General and General Supplemental Funds in the Auditor’s Department.

The Board noted the fees collected from the Clerk of Court for Sheriff Fees, Sheriff Surcharge, and Treasurer.

The Board noted the Certificate of Organization for the Floyd County Agricultural Extension Council. 

The Board discussed budgets and met with the PH/HHC Director to discussion reductions in this department.

A motion was made by Supervisor Staudt and seconded by Supervisor Enabnit to adjourn.  Motion carried 3-0.


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