Meeting Minutes

Floyd County Board of Supervisors Meeting

June 4, 2007, 9:00 AM


The Floyd County Board of Supervisors met for a workshop meeting at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, June 4, 2007 in the Board Room of the Floyd County Courthouse with the following in attendance:  Chairman Dunkel, Supv. Enabnit and Supv. Staudt.

Staudt/Enabnit moved to approve the agenda.  Motion carried 3-0.

Pat McDonnell, Board of Health Chairperson, provided the May 14 Board of Health minutes reflecting pay increases to bring PH/HHC staff in line with other Court House employees, including an 11% pay increase for Mary Augustin and a 6% increase for Janice Brahn, Lori Cajthaml, Kim Schrage, Cathy Shatek and Bonnie Sneed effective June 1, 2007 in addition to a 3% increase on July 1.  Supv Dunkel explained that prior to approving the FY08 budget they told Pat Zwanziger, PH/HHC Director, that increases besides the 3% would only be paid if there were added responsibilities and that when employees came to the County from the hospital their wages were considered in line with the positions they had and other county department’s staff responsibilities are not the same as PH/HHC.  Zwanziger did not provide additional responsibilities that these employees have acquired to justify the Supervisors allowing a higher wage increase.  McDonnell believes that the Supervisors can only approve a total budget and that the Board of Health determines the wages.  Jesse Marzen, County Attorney, will review the Iowa Code and court rulings to determine which Board has authority to set the wages and report back to the Supervisors on June 12.  No wage increases will go into effect until this is determined and wages will be made retroactive if need be.  PH/HHC financials for last fiscal year and the current year were discussed. 

Jeff Sherman, Sanitarian, McDonnell and Marzen presented the work being done to put together a nuisance ordinance to clean up junk vehicles throughout the County.  The May 14 minutes from the Board of Health reflect that a motion was made to recommend a nuisance statute.  Attempts that were made in the past were discussed, including past meetings involving concerned citizens.  McDonnell suggested that the proposed ordinance be presented to the Board of Health for review before the Supervisors publish the ordinance and public hearing notices.  Sherman and Marzen will work on drafting the ordinance and present it to the Board of Health.

A concerned citizen requested that the County enforce a jake brake ordinance for Glass Avenue near Rudd.  Due to an increase in traffic to and from Rudd and the Floyd and Mason City ethanol plants, the noise is a nuisance.  The Auditor provided copies of ordinances in place for Bremer and Black Hawk Counties.  Marzen stated that the County would need to have a decibel machine and prove it’s calibration for a fine to hold up in court if an ordinance is put in place.  The Auditor informed the Board that Randy Heitz called prior to the meeting to say that he supports enforcing a jake brake ordinance in the County.  The Board discussed that enforcing an ordinance and placing signs on roads may curb some of the truckers from using their jake brakes but having law enforcement at the right place at the right time to catch offenders may be a problem.  Marzen will review the information more and get back to the Board.

Dana Larson expressed concerns about having to vacate the Green Service Station per the Board’s decision at the May 22 Board meeting.  He assures the Board that there is no contamination going in the ground from the services he provides.  The spiked petroleum sample may likely be due to all the rain we have had.  Marzen would like to have evidence of more tests showing spiked petroleum to support a reason to vacate the property.  Larson needs to pay the past five months rent on the building to get it current.  The Board will take action to rescind their motion to vacate the property at the next meeting.

Tim Fox, Charles City Area Development Corporation Director, presented the idea of abating the taxes for the Main Street Brownfield site in Rockford if CCADC can prepare a plan to clean up and take ownership of the property.  Fox stated that Dennis Ginther, the current owner, is willing to deed the property to CCADC in lieu of cleaning it up and paying back taxes.  Future plans for the property would be for CCADC to sell the property and if not successful, make it into a “pocket park.”  The Auditor reported that the total due for delinquent taxes is $982.  Fox would like the Board to hold off abating the taxes until he gets through Phase I of the plan which is an environmental survey. 

The Board noted the letter from the IDED stating they are extending the enterprise zone known as Floyd County, Greene EZ-1 with 21.18 acres.  Fox presented a list of all the enterprise zone areas and expiration dates.

Bridget Moe, Emergency Management Coordinator, and Rick Lynch, Sheriff, discussed concerns with having Search and Rescue and Sheriff Reserve people taking personal vehicles to accidents.  Moe stated that there is a new administrative rule addressing liability issues.  Lynch reported that last week all S&R people were notified that if they are paged out they have to report to the fire station and drive/ride to the scene in the MERV and the Sheriff Reserves report the courthouse and drive/ride in a sheriff’s car to the scene.  Lynch is to contact Melrose Insurance, our new agent effective July 1, to see if these people are covered on our insurance.

Mike Wendel, Police Chief, was not present at the meeting to discuss issues with the Communications Center/Emergency Management/E911.  Moe reported that an Emergency Management Commission meeting is set for June 26 at 5 p.m.  The Board will discuss their position on this issue at that meeting.

The Board noted a letter from Lynch regarding the resignation of Katie Syhlman, full time jailer, effective June 14 and the offering of the fulltime position to Sarah Ashley, part time jailer.  Lynch will be advertising to replace the part time jailer position.

The Board noted the letter from Pat Zwanziger, PH/HHC Administrator, that Cynthia Kellogg has been hired as a part time Home Care Aide effective May 31 with a starting wage of $8.65/hr.

The Auditor discussed the purchase of a new IBM Infoprint 1570 MFP printer to be used by all departments networked to the AS400/mainframe.  The old InfoPrint 20 printer will be moved to the Treasurer’s office to replace an old printer that was in the plans to be replaced in the next fiscal year. 

The Auditor and the Board discussed Senate File 369 requiring voting systems to provide a paper record for review by the voter.  House File 911 requires the Board submit to the Secretary of State’s office a resolution declaring the method by which the county intends to comply with the change.  Floyd County’s options are to add a component to our current DREs funded at 100% by HAVA money or purchase new ballot marking devices to replace the DREs funded at approximately 33% by HAVA money.  There is current legislation at the Federal level mandating only ballot marking devices be use but nothing has passed at this time.  Current HAVA money will be expended by the state by 2009.  The Board will act on this at their next regular meeting.

The Auditor presented two proposals, one from Band Box and one from Heaven’s Best, for cleaning carpets on all five floors at the courthouse.  The Auditor would like to contract with Band Box for this service.

The Auditor presented two bids, $780 and $1,100, for a lawn mower bagger to address a complaint regarding excessive grass clippings on vehicles after the lawns were mowed.  At this time the custodians will be asked to notify certain employees when the grass will be mowed instead of purchasing a bagger.

Future agenda items: 

A motion was made by Supervisor Staudt and seconded by Supervisor Enabnit to adjourn.  Motion carried 3-0.


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