Meeting Minutes

Floyd County Board of Supervisors Meeting

March 24, 2008, 9:00 AM


The Floyd County Board of Supervisors met for a workshop meeting at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, March 24, 2008 in the Board Room of the Floyd County Courthouse with the following in attendance:  Chairman Enabnit, Supv. Staudt, and Supv. Dunkel.

Dunkel/Staudt moved to amend the agenda to include discussion regarding county rock bids and note the Supervisors were rewarded a Community Foundation Grant.  Motion carried 3-0.  Staudt/Dunkel moved to approve the agenda as amended.  Motion carried 3-0.

The Board will review the claims individually after the meeting.

 Jeff Sherman, Zoning/Sanitarian Director, discussed records of septic systems.  Sherman provided a report showing sales of agriculture and rural properties with septic systems, the residents by townships, and septic systems put in since 1997.  Sherman reported that he has records of 582 systems in the County with 1,844 systems remaining and of which may be potentially illegal systems.  The Cedar Valley Board of Realtors encourages the Boards of Health in Chickasaw, Howard, Mitchell and Floyd County, the sanitarians, the township trustees and the county supervisors to study a method to randomly choose townships on an annual basis to inspect septic systems for compliance and require that they be brought to code within a specific time as determined by each county so that full compliance in the counties be achieved by the year 2020.  Discussion included waiting to see what is passed in legislation and possibly having to contract someone to assist Sherman in checking all systems throughout the county.

Steve Lindaman and Tom Brownlow, representatives from the City of Charles City, stopped in to let the Board know that the City will be getting rid of the old band shell.  They proposed an idea of the County purchasing the band shell so it could be available for use for various functions around the county such as the Cedar Valley Engine Club, Floyd County Fair, Catt House, and Conservation.  Discussion included possible options for trade in lieu of money, revenue opportunities, storage and maintenance of the unit.   

The Board noted the receipt of a letter from the Floyd County Community Foundation informing the Board that they have been awarded a grant in the amount of $1,500.  Supv Dunkel will visit with Tim Fox, Charles City Area Development Corporation Executive Director, about the terms of the grant before signing the agreement.    

Supv Dunkel provided the Board with a handout prepared by Gary Veeder, Allied Construction., showing a comparison of rock bids from various suppliers in various counties, taxes paid by Allied in Floyd County, their number of employees in Floyd County, donations made within the county, total payroll and area development projects they have funded.  The Board will share this information with the County Engineer at tomorrow’s regular meeting and discuss his purpose for requesting bids in quarter sections of the County this year rather than the County as a whole.  

Supv Staudt dismissed himself from the meeting to attend to other business.

Chairman Enabnit, Supv Dunkel, and Treasurer Frank Rottinghaus presented Judy Hughes, Deputy Treasurer, with a certificate for 35 years of service with the County.  Doug Schroeder, Conservation Director, is also a recipient of a certificate for 15 years of service which will be presented at a later date.

A motion was made by Supervisor Dunkel and seconded by Supervisor Enabnit to adjourn.  Motion carried 2-0.


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