Meeting Minutes

Floyd County Board of Supervisors Meeting

May 5, 2008, 9:00 AM


The Floyd County Board of Supervisors met for a workshop meeting at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, May 5, 2008 in the Board Room of the Floyd County Courthouse with the following in attendance:  Chairman Enabnit, Supv. Staudt, and Supv. Dunkel.

Dunkel/Staudt moved to amend the agenda to include noting an employee termination.  Staudt/Dunkel moved to approve the agenda as amended.  Motion carried 3-0.

Jeff Sherman, Planning/Zoning Director, and the Board discussed a County Comprehensive Plan and needed changes to the County Zoning Ordinance.  The Zoning Commission and Sherman have requested direction to for zoning requirements.  The Board approved a County Comprehensive Plan in 1984 and since then a study was done on the Avenue of Saints corridor.  Sherman has rough quotes to rewrite the zoning ordinance and to update the County’s Comprehensive Plan. 

Gail Arjes, PH/HHC Administrator, reviewed a policy for illness and absence from work.  FMLA verbiage will be added to the policy before it is presented to the Board of Health.  Discussion included how to handle weather related absences, ill employees or immediate family members, and making sure clients are served without putting employees at risk.

The Board noted the resignation of Linda Wirtjes, Home Health Aide, effective May 11, 2008. 

The Board discussed who could be a county representative for a broadband infrastructure steering committee.  Chairman Enabnit will visit with a potential candidate.

Frank Rottinghaus, Treasurer, provided information on the Iowa Northern Railroad regarding payment for past taxes.  INR has paid per the schedule but the system is still showing a $2,113.63 balance.  Rottinghaus believe this could be a calculation error from the beginning or that payments were misapplied but believes contractual obligations have been met.   Rottinghaus requested the Board to direct the Treasurer to adjust his records accordingly.  This will be addressed at the next meeting.

Rottinghaus also provided information on IC&E Railroad, previously Osage Municipal Utilities, in regard to delinquent tax notices for FY05.  Rottinghaus will visit with Steve Wagner, IC&E representative, to discuss interest and penalties.  This will be addressed at the next meeting.

The Auditor updated the Board on various projects including paving the Sheriff’s parking lot, jail kitchen remodel, DHS building carpet, exterior wall repair and Treasurer’s office project.

The Auditor followed up with the Board’s request to find out what other counties are paying for audit services.  A report showing what 13 other counties with populations ranging from 15,073 to 19,007 are paying for annual audit services was provided.  The Board will decide on whether or not to bid the FY08 audit or agree to the contract provided by Gardiner-Thomsen at the next regular meeting.

The Auditor followed up with the Board’s request to find out more on the related parties issue per the write up in the County’s FY07 audit.  A copy of an e-mail between Jan Slater, Gardiner-Thomsen, and the Iowa State Auditor’s office was provided.  Slater contacted the State a year ago to discuss the related party of a step father to the County Attorney and the brother-in-law of a Deputy Auditor.  The State responded that it would disclose/comment on a step father or in-law relationship and if there was a code violation (a conflict) the situation should be commented on and disclosed in the statutory comments and with footnotes as required if the conflict is material.  Slater believes the audit write up is supported by this and identified Iowa Code section 331.342 with the Sheriff doing business exceeding $1,500 with  Marzen’s Towing and Recovery without being competitively bid.  The Board discussed how bids could be obtained and will wait to see the Sheriff’s proposed policy.

The Board noted two resolutions of the Board of Directors of Hawkeye Community College (Merged Area VII), one levying a tax for the purpose of paying principal and interest on School Bonds, Series 2008A and one levying a tax for the purpose of paying principal and interest on Industrial New Jobs Training Certificates.

The Board noted two resolutions from the City of Charles City, one authorizing and approving a loan agreement and providing for the issuance of $440,000 General Obligation Corporate Purpose Bonds, Series 2008A and providing for the levy of taxes to pay the same and the second resolution providing for the issuance of $760,000 General Obligation Refunding Bonds, Series 2008B and providing for the levy of taxes to pay the same.

The Board noted the receipt of a letter from County Attorney, Jesse Marzen, stating that he is revoking Assistant County Attorney David Kuehner’s certificate of appointment effective April 28, 2008.

Rick Lynch, Sheriff, stopped in to visit with the Board about the remodeling of the jail kitchen versus using the money to secure the entry area to the Sheriff’s office or using that money to hire a deputy.  The Auditor said the kitchen project bid is slightly over $12,500 plus whatever the floor would cost but the project could be backed down to just repairing the water-damaged wall if he would like.  In previous conversations Lynch said he was budgeting for the remodeling of the Sheriff’s office area so the Auditor went ahead with the kitchen remodel project based on the condition of the kitchen and having courthouse building money budgeted for the wall repair and other funds available to do the rest of the kitchen.  Lynch said to go ahead with the kitchen project if we feel it needs to be done and he will proceed with the project in his office.  Supv Dunkel commented that the one time cost of remodeling the kitchen versus $65,000 plus for a deputy sheriff in the budget every year aren’t the same.  The Board would like to wait on the outcome of the deputy lawsuit before they approve hiring a deputy.  Lynch said it could be a while before anything is resolved and all the overtime of the other deputies is pretty demanding on the department.

A motion was made by Supervisor Staudt and seconded by Supervisor Dunkel to adjourn.  Motion carried 3-0.


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