Meeting Minutes

Floyd County Board of Supervisors Meeting

November 17, 2008, 9:00 AM


The Floyd County Board of Supervisors met for workshop session at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, November 17, 2008 in the Board Room of the Floyd County Courthouse with the following in attendance:  Chairman Enabnit and Supv. Staudt; Absent:  Supv. Dunkel.

Staudt/Enabnit moved to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion carried 2-0. 

Bruce Hovden, County Assessor, visited with the Board about replacing a GIS technician to fill an upcoming vacancy.  Hovden does not think it is feasible for the budgeted GIS/IT Coordinator position to fill the technician position.  Hovden would like to start advertising so the technician position can be filled by the end of the year.

Jesse Marzen, County Attorney, requested Chairman Enabnit’s signature on a Warranty Deed for the disposition of county property to James and Alexandria Hebel.

The Auditor reported that John Duffy, drainage district attorney, would not be able to represent the county in reassessments for drainage district #12 due to a conflict of interest with drainage district #2.  Duffy suggested a couple of other attorneys.  Marzen reported that if the county cannot find an attorney who specializes in drainage districts, that he could represent the county.  The Auditor contacted Ralph Smith last week per Chairman Enabnit’s request.  Smith visited with the Board about his interest in this area of law and mentioned he would reduce his rate due to the educational time to learn drainage law while he would be working on projects.  Smith can draw up a contract for the working relationship for the Board’s review if they decide to procure his services.  The Board will act on this at the next regular meeting. 

Marzen has not heard anything about the appeal to the Environmental Protection Commission on the Christiansen Farms confinement permit.  Last Thursday the Auditor e-mailed the DNR contact about the status of this permit but has not received a reply back yet.  The Board noted the receipt of a letter from the DNR regarding their preliminary determination that the Wesley, Ltd confinement application satisfies the legal requirements for issuance of a permit.  Should the Board demand a hearing with the EPC, their request most be made to the DNR by November 24.  Supv Staudt and Chairman Enabnit commented that they are not in favor of appealing to the EPC for the Wesley, Ltd permit.  In the Auditor’s e-mail to the DNR, a request was made to extend the November 24th date to the 25th.  If this is permissible, the Board can make a formal decision on the 25th.  If the extension is not permissible, the Board will hold a special meeting on the 24th. 

Dusten Rolando, County Engineer, provided a packet of information concerning the guardrail placement on the Gilbert Street viaduct.  The packet included a letter from Calhoun-Burns regarding the technical information supporting the placement of guardrails with consideration of the slope at the corners of the bridge and the speed limit.  Photos of the accidents that occurred on November 11 and photos of other city, county and state bridges throughout the county were also provided.  Rolando’s information supports that the design of the bridge, including the guardrails worked like they were intended.  Concerns discussed included a vehicle hitting a guardrail could bounce back into oncoming traffic causing greater damage than sliding over the slope of the embankment.  Preventive measurers that Rolando will be taking include sending a letter to the Sheriff’s Office with his concerns of the speed of traffic in the area and placing solar powered yellow caution lights at the speed limit sign locations to warn drivers of the new speed limit.  The Board reviewed an e-mail from Sheriff Lynch noting that the Sheriff’s Department has been approved to purchase a speed trailer through a grant.  They intend to set the trailer up in the new 45 mph speed zone at the viaduct.  Lynch suggests putting red flags on the speed limit signs for a while to get people to notice the different speed zone.  Lynch has also be questioned about guardrails and feels that if it does not cost much that we could put something along the side of the ditch area so that if a vehicle does enter, someone would notice that a vehicle had entered.  The Board addressed questions presented by Dennis Sanvig regarding the design of the bridge and when/how speed limit considerations were made.  Sanvig suggested a design with a soft cable system and breakaway posts be put in the areas where previous guardrails were placed.  The Board also noted e-mails of concern from the Mayor and City Clerk of Floyd.   Chairman Enabnit said the Board will review information and decide at next week’s meeting if anything different needs to be done.

The Auditor updated the Board on houses listed on the flood buyout program.  On Friday, Dave and Sandy Smith requested that their property be removed from the buyout list due to the process taking too long and they have accepted an offer to sell their home as it is.  On Thursday, the Auditor received word from FEMA that the Smith’s property would likely not be considered in the buyout anyway because an unofficial elevation of the lowest level of the house is 1,103.09 feet which is 5.29 feet above the 100 year flood level of 1097.8 feet and they did not receive substantial damage in the 2008 flood.  Alvin and Ruth Hagg intended on digging pipe from the existing well on the flooded parcel to provide water to their new home.  FEMA has responded that this is not acceptable.  Hagg’s did not intend on digging a new well and are considering taking their name off the buyout list due to the well issue as well as concerns they have with the public having access to the county-owned property adjacent to their new home if they accept the buyout.  At this time the Auditor will proceed with the Hagg and Hubbard property for the buyout. 

The Board noted a letter from the Iowa Dept of Economic Development regarding the Iowa Homeland Security Emergency Management Division funding 85% of eligible costs to acquire property in the floodplain and IDED agreeing to provide the local share requirement or 15% of the costs through the Community Development Block Grant program.  The Auditor will publish the public notice requirement. 

The Board discussed whether or not to do the well test drill for a geothermal heating/cooling system.  The Board would like the Auditor to contact Kevin Power, KPE Consulting, for other options due to the cost of the project.  The Board would still like to tour Soy Basics in New Hampton to at least see if the units are something we would like to pursue if we do go with a new system.  The Auditor will try to set something up for early December. 

The Board reviewed the 2009 Holiday schedule for state employees.  Discussion included possibly taking President’s Day instead of Martin Luther King, Jr or taking both.  The Board requested the Auditor get a holiday schedules for banks.

Future agenda items:  Elderbridge Agency on Aging will be coming in December

A motion was made by Supervisor Staudt and seconded by Supervisor Enabnit to adjourn.  Motion carried 2-0.


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