Meeting Minutes

Department Head Meeting

September 6, 2005, 8:30 a.m., Board of Supervisor’s Office



Present:  Doug Schroeder, Mike Milligan, Bob Lincoln, Deb Roberts, Lois Litterer, Pat Zwanziger, Bruce Hovden, Dusty Rolando, Warren Dunkel, Gloria Carr


Conservation Department

        Doug reported:

  • The Annual Fossil & Prairie Park Run and Prairie Heritage Day is September 10.
  • Parks will close for camping at the end of the month.  They had a successful camping season.
  • They are working on outdoor signage.
  • The supervisors signed agreement for the Fossil & Prairie Park to be designated as a state preserve.  Doug wrote a management plan that was approved by the state.  If they vary from the plan, they would have to present changes to the state preserve board.  The state park designation protects the integrity of the park. 
  • They will open bids for the parking lot later today.  They hope to get the work done this year.



        Mike reported:

  • He has been issuing a few building permits; a log home by Green, a home north of Rockford in the James Linn addition, one in the Kaelke addition, and one in Kamm’s’ addition.
  • The Zoning Board has a hearing next Monday for a major subdivision north of Nashua and a hearing next Tuesday for rezoning the County Farm property.
  • He has been getting some conditional use permit requests and some septic system requests.
  • Mike will be on vacation after the 16th and won’t be back until the 28th.


General Assistance

        Lois reported:

  • She has been getting lots of requests for payments on disconnect notices (e.g. water, etc.).



        Deb reported:

  • The office has been busy with deer and turkey tags and duck stamps.  Fall is a busy time.
  • They have a new “juke” box that is 10x faster than the old one.  $10,000 of the cost of the box will be paid from e-commerce money.    


Home Health/Community Nursing

        Pat reported:

  • They are settled and doing exceptionally well.  They have one more staff person coming in on September 19.  They had a retirement in Home Health and are interviewing for two part time aids.
  • They transmitted Medicare last Friday.  All billing should be finished.  They received a 3% increase from Title XIX waivers.
  • The Iowa Department of Public Health is requesting resources:  people, items and equipment for hurricane assistance.


Case Management

        Bob reported:

  • They are waiting on the new phone system.
  • They have a leak in the addition of the building.  Gloria will check into this.



        Dusty reported:

  • They have a contractor working on the bridge west of Rudd on Foothill.  They are working on drainage problem north of Rudd.  Finishing up on hard surface road this week.  They are gearing up for winter. 
  • He will take another look at the DHS parking lot.  The heavy rain caused some washout.
  • They are working with Doug on weed problems.  Conservation and Secondary Roads have a better understanding of what each department does.  Communication is better now.



        Bruce reported:

  • They have had a couple of court cases regarding assessments.
  • With valuations, Bruce is reminding governing bodies that if budgets go up to let the public know, especially if there is no change in the levy.
  • Curt Yeager is doing reviews.  Nora Springs has a good RE market.  Rockford has a comparable market to Charles City.  Rudd is coming up.
  • New values will go out in March.  They are scheduling times for informal hearings for February and March.  Property owners need to bring comparables that may influence a change in their values.  New laws regarding a panel to oversee hearings go into effect in 2006.



        Gloria reported:

  • Charles City and Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock school elections are Tuesday.  Pollworker training is scheduled for this Thursday. 
  • Sandy needs to have payroll hours by 8:30 on the Tuesday before payday.  For the last pay period, payroll had to be reran because two employees hours were not turned in by a supervisor and were not caught right way.  We have to have the disk for ACH to the bank by noon on Wednesday so she needs to have time to process.  Please get your employee’s hours to Sandy no later than 8:30 a.m.!
  • Solutions put in the new server last week.  The Auditor’s office was not able to use the old server from the Assessor’s office.  For those who have not returned the Security/Hipaa sheets, please do so ASAP.  They would like the security part of the installation wrapped up by the end of September.



        Warren reported:

  • The Board is looking at a County Farm tile issue
  • Ten houses have been built by Allied near the high school.  Seven are sold.  Another house which is contract sold is being built near the Elks by someone other than Allied. 
  • Nora Springs is looking at a new housing area, possibly for annexation.
  • Vera Sun still wants to get on the County Farm property as soon as they can to do soil borings.  Because of their option to buy, they are working on the zoning change of the property.


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