Meeting Minutes

Floyd County Board of Supervisors Meeting

March 21, 2011, 9:00 AM


The Floyd County Board of Supervisors met for workshop at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, March 21, 2011 in the Board Room of the Floyd County Courthouse with the following in attendance:  Chairman Dunkel, Supv Kamm, and Supv. Kuhn.

Kuhn/Kamm moved to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion carried 3-0.

The Board will review claims individually after the meeting.

Supv Kamm attended a Nashua Welcome Center meeting where Boards of Supervisors were asked to contribute more money to the Center.

Bridget Edson, Emergency Management Coordinator, spoke to the Board about an EmergiTech annual maintenance bill that is due March 31.  Rather than paying it right now she would like to attempt to renegotiate the charges.  When the Communications Center switches to Shieldware, much of the EmergiTech maintenance will no longer be needed.  EmergiTech will provide a credit or issue a check for the unused maintenance part of the contract starting April 1.  Since Charles City Police Chief Mike Wendel was not able to attend today’s meeting, the Board would like Edson to meet with the Chief and other Communications Center staff as necessary to review EmergiTech’s listed items to consider what is necessary to be renewed for maintenance.  It was suggested that monitors may not need to be covered under the agreement, pending the cost to insure them. 

Edson also spoke to the Board about the Shieldware contract.  Chief Wendel was not able to attend the meeting to oversee the Board’s signature on the contract, discuss the implementation process, his concerns about a resolution, or any other contract concerns with Shieldware.  Chairman Dunkel previously signed the agreement; Supv Kamm signed the agreement at the meeting.  Edson will provide the signed contract to Chief Wendel for his signature and discuss any issues. 

The Board, Edson and the Auditor discussed the Auditor’s request last week for a second board member’s approval to Supv Kuhn’s first where two signoffs are necessary to proceed with a handwritten claim to pay E911’s portion of a down payment of a new phone system provided by Hyde Telecom for the City of Charles City and the Communications Center.  The purpose of the handwritten claim rather than going through the April 12 claim run is due to a down payment requirement prior to installation and locking the price before it increases in April.  On February 3, E911 and Communications Commissions agreed to each pay one third of the total cost with the City of Charles City commitment to pay one third.  The Auditor read E911 minutes where Sheriff Lynch motioned and Mayor O’Connell seconded to approve $5,000 toward the system.  The actual cost of the system came in almost $5,000 less than $15,000 roughly estimated in February.  Discussion included whether or not the split was fairly assessed, the number of phones at city hall, the number of phone lines going through the system, and revenue streams of each entity including Communications funding through countywide property tax revenues from the County General Basic levy and E911 revenues deriving from phone surcharges billed via telephone providers of landlines and cell phone providers collected by the state and passed to the local E911 agencies.  It was noted that the city has always paid the cost of the annual maintenance contract for the system, approximately $1,200 per year.  Supv Dunkel provided the second signature required to process the handwritten claim.

Supv Dunkel e-mailed legislatures regarding the cell phone surcharge limiting funds to the local E911 commissions.  Senator Ragan responded that there is some legislation regarding cell phone legislation.  Supv Dunkel would like Supv Kamm and Supv Kuhn to see if they can find anything out while at ISAC meetings.  Supv Kuhn said he will be visiting the state capital on Thursday and will see what he can find out.

Supv Kuhn updated the Board on a visit with residents of Rockford, members of the Conservation Board, Doug Schroeder, Conservation Director, and Supv Kuhn to Howard County to learn about a low head dam area near Cresco that was converted to a “rock arch rapids” project in 2010, the first of its kind in Iowa.  Howard County Conservation Director Harold Chapman hosted the visit and explained the purpose of the project was to remove hazards associated with the low head dam and still keep the aesthetic and recreational values to the area.  The Iowa Natural Heritage Winter 2011 magazine published an article on the Howard County project and was available for review.  Funding for the project was covered by DNR grants, federal grants, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, two local banks and Howard County.  Although the same DNR funding is not available, Supv Kuhn is looking into other possibilities.  Nate Hoogeveen, DNR representative, will be visiting Rockford in the near future to make a presentation on rock arch rapids and the potential and benefits of one to replace the Rockford dam.  Supv Kuhn is keeping in contact with Margaret Zeran, partner who owns half of the Rockford dam that the county is trying to purchase.  She intends to attend a future Board meeting.   

Supv Dunkel informed the Board of a request from Keith Turner, property owner residing in the Kalke Addition, to pave the roads in the rural subdivision.  Turner called during the meeting to discuss the process.  Supv Kamm informed Turner how his personal subdivision was handled.  Turner was directed to contact the County Engineer and Tim Fox, Charles City Economic Development Corporate, to discuss the process more and see if the project meets the criteria for County’s Infrastructure Assistance funding.  The Board budgeted for FY12 to pay off the Infrastructure Assistance loan with the unused proceeds so timing is of the essence to move forward on this if it meets the criteria for county funding.  

The Board discussed the need to be members of two detention centers, North Iowa Juvenile Detention Center and Central Iowa Juvenile Detention Center.  NIJDC has raised their day rate to $125.  Central Iowa remains at $50/day.  The Auditor will provide the 28E agreement with NIJDC for next Monday’s workshop.

The Board reviewed an Employee & County-Owned Vehicle Parking Policy and a Courthouse Building Entrance Policy.  Minor changes were made to both policies.  The Board will act on the policies at tomorrow’s regular meeting.  The policies will be provided to employees along with this week’s pay check and a follow-up training will be held at the April 5 employee group meetings.

The Board reviewed a proposal for the purchase of three shelving units that were previously used in the Public Health office when they were located at the courthouse.  The custodians have been able to utilize some of the shelving units in some offices but the remaining pieces do not have panels sufficient to support the shelves.  Gail Arjes, Public Health/Home Health Care Director, reported to the Auditor that she sees no need to keep the units.  Jeff Sherman, Zoning/E911 Addressing/Sanitarian Director, will check his office setup to see if he has any need for the leftovers.  The disposition of the shelves will be acted on at tomorrow’s regular meeting.

The Auditor presented information regarding the Election for Exemption under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  Annually the Board exercises its right to make certain exceptions to health care coverage and notify employees accordingly.  In the past four of six exceptions have been made.  The Auditor explained that an exception for “parity in the application of certain limits to mental health benefits” has been dropped from the proposal due to a recent amendment to the county’s health care plan.  The Board will act on this at tomorrow’s regular meeting.

The Board discussed the proposal from KPE Consulting to complete a water assessment prior to any well drilling to determine feasibility of utilizing open-loop geo-technology for the courthouse building.  Supv Kamm will continue to review KPE’s past report for courthouse improvements.  After reviewing, KPE will be contacted via telephone to discuss future plans.  The Board will follow up with Lisa Adelmund, Chamber/Community Revitalization Financial Project Coordinator, on grant opportunities for courthouse projects. 

Randy Janssen, Janssen Waterproofing, spoke to the Board about past brick replacement projects to the exterior west and south sides of the courthouse building.  Photos were reviewed to show water infiltration damage to the brick.  Janssen will work with the Auditor on writing specifications for similar work to the east side of the building.  The project requires bidding processes.  The Board hopes to start the project prior to June 30 since funds for this type of maintenance will be available in FY11 and finish after July in FY12.  

The Board noted the receipt of and reviewed the FY10 Independent Auditors’ Reports, Basic Financial Statements, and Supplementary Information, Schedule of Finding and Questioned Costs.   

The Board noted February fees collected by the Clerk of Court’s office totaling $3,357.60.

Kamm/Kuhn motioned to adjourn.  Motion carried 3-0.


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