Meeting Minutes

Floyd County Board of Supervisors Meeting

December 3, 2012, 9:00 AM


The Floyd County Board of Supervisors met in the Board Room of the Floyd County Courthouse with the following in attendance:  Supv. Kamm, Chair, Supv Kuhn, and Supv. Dunkel.

Kuhn/Dunkel moved to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion carried 3-0. 

Update on various boards/commissions/activities since the last meeting:  Supv Kamm attended an Area Development Corp meeting where they discussed that all county representatives intend to continue to serve on the ADC Board.

Norm Klemesrud, County Attorney, explained the changes to the HUD forms for FEMA payouts on the acquisition of the two flooded properties.  Supv Dunkel will contact one of the property owners about requesting a reimbursement and the Auditor will run a claim for the other property owner who is owed money.

Klemesrud updated the Board on the issues with the sale of the 2nd Street property that are in process of being remedied.  Klemesrud will provide a copy of a letter from Judy O’Donohoe regarding issues.   

Doug Schroeder, Conservation Director, updated the Board on the property Floyd County acquired with Mitchell County on Rock Creek.  The property was purchased with State Habitat and Fish and Wildlife funds.  Schroeder will work with the County Attorney regarding the legal documents.  Part of the property in both counties is leased as tillable farm ground and will remain that way for at least another year.  The remainder of the property is intended for wildlife purposes.  Schroeder is also working on two other habitat properties with Knapp property near Colwell and Stricker property by Slough Creek. 

Schroeder updated the Board on the Winnebago Scout Camp.  Discussion included appraisals/re-assessment, septic systems/time of transfer, the $195,000 Horace Staudt Estate money where interest only has been used for the camp, the $12,000 balance in the Supplemental Environmental Project Fund, REAP funds, and action by the Board regarding the purchase and operations of the property. 

Schroeder updated the Board on the Rockford dam removal project.  The removal will not occur before the end of this year but hopefully will take place in the spring.  The department just received notice that they were successful in applying for a state river hazard grant for $30,000 to cover engineering costs.  

The Board noted the resignation of Misty Day, Administrative Assistant for Zoning/EMA/Sanitarian.  Jeff Sherman, Director, would like to hold off until January before advertising for the position.  The Board would like to get through the FY14 budget process to see where things stand before hiring staff.

Sherman updated the Board on an issue with the Zoning Ordinance with respect to the airport authority and distance and height requirements from runways.  Sherman met with the Chickasaw County Board of Supervisors and discussed having a joint county Board of Adjustments to oversee certain aspects of structure requirements in a 5 to 10 mile radius from the regional airport. 

The Board discussed a 2013 holiday schedule and will act on dates at the next regular meeting.

The Board discussed a conflict with the second claim run for December which falls on a Christmas day.  The Board will decide at the next regular meeting on holding the meeting either December 21 or 26.

The Board reviewed the Floyd County Credit Card Policy.  Supv Dunkel will remind department heads at tomorrow’s department head meeting.

The Board noted a rate increase to $13.09 per hour effective December 1 for Nick Myers, part-time jailer, following successful completion of a 40-hour state jail certification course.

Future agenda items:  commitment to fund a portion of the Winnebago Scout Camp

Kuhn/Kamm motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried 3-0.


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