Meeting Minutes

Floyd County Board of Supervisors Meeting

January 21, 2013, 9:00 AM


The Floyd County Board of Supervisors met in the Board Room of the Floyd County Courthouse with the following in attendance:  Supv. Kuhn, Chair, Supv. Schwickerath, and Supv Kamm.

Supv Kuhn recognized Martin Luther King, Jr Day as a federal and state holiday and asked that attendees take time to reflect on King’s work as a civil rights leader. 

Kuhn/Schwickerath moved to amend the agenda to include a presentation from the Ulster Future Leaders 4-H group. Motion carried 2-0. Schwickerath/Kuhn moved to approve the agenda as amended.  Motion carried 2-0.

The Board will review claims individually prior to tomorrow’s regular meeting.

Supv Kamm arrived at the meeting.

Update on various boards/commissions/activities since the last meeting:  All three supervisors attended the Assessor Conference Board and Emergency Management Commission meeting.  Supv Kuhn attended an FMC Early Childhood Iowa meeting where he presented information on service dogs for children with autism.  He also attended a Chamber of Commerce and Joint Entity meeting.  Supv Schwickerath attended a subcommittee meeting regarding filling the Emergency Management director interim position.  Supv Kamm attended a FOCUS meeting, a NIACOG meeting and a Central Iowa Juvenile Detention meeting where they approved a building expansion.    

Mark Melrose, Melrose Insurance Agency representative, presented a Leaders of Safety plaque to Floyd County for the reduction in the workers’ compensation loss ratio and a dividend check from EMC Insurance Company of $38,600, crediting the county’s efforts for creating a culture of safety.    

Doug Schroeder, Laura Elfers, and Heidi Reams, Conservation Dept staff, presented information on plans for the Winnebago Scout Reservation.  The Conservation Board approved to adopt the name “Tosanak Recreation Area”, representing the Winnebago Indian name for “otter.”  Schroeder proposed to the Supervisors approximately $20,000 in the FY14 budget for initial improvements and infrastructure.  The presentation included developing the site as an experience based camp with 1) renditions of repurposing road/trail access and layout, swale area as you enter the camp, Staudt Hollow cabins, multipurpose lodges, water trails, walking/hiking trails, and designated camping areas, 2) preserve and enhance the biological assets of the park, 3) 2-3 year projects for the swimming pool and dining hall, 4) alternative uses for the 40 acres separated by property owned by another land owner.  Denise Michaelson proposed equestrian trails and provided information on other areas where this idea has been developed as well as snowmobile trails and camping.  Wayne Janssen questioned if there would be opportunities to further trails to adjoining properties, say to Marble Rock.  Joel Cass encouraged the horse trails and camping.  Supv Kuhn encouraged groups like the Saddle Clubs in Floyd and Mitchell Counties, and other interested parties to work with the Conservation Dept on volunteering labor and equipment to develop trails.  Leroy Jones suggested visiting other areas where equestrian trails have been established.  Schroeder commented that potential changes for various types of trails may need to be held off until a year or so until the county can obtain the property from the Iowa National Heritage Foundation.  Mark Melrose questioned when the county would take ownership for insurance coverage purposes.  Larry Hicok, Conservation Board president, commented that there has been some long range planning with a National Park Services specialist who could make available the potential to link areas together.  Curt Brandau suggested that it doesn’t take much to develop horse trails and thinks it could be done without jeopardizing the footprint of the property.  Supv Kuhn read an e-mail from Steve King, Floyd County Trail Groomers Association trail coordinator, regarding consideration in allowing snowmobiles on the property with permission and a lease agreement to groom snowmobile trails and an e-mail from Sue and Joe Paulus also requesting interest in snowmobile trails and potential income revenue from renting cabins.      

Schroeder reviewed the Unconditional Purchase Agreement between the Iowa National Heritage Foundation, Floyd County and Floyd County Conservation Board with the Supervisors.  The Foundation intends to take ownership of the property around April 1 and enter into the agreement with the county at the same time with the county committing to $750,000.  Schroeder hopes the county could pay the 5-year agreement within a year with 1/3 of funds from REAP, 1/3 coming from private donations, and 1/3 from county funds.  Schroeder’s has been given permission to work on minor projects at this time and once the repurchase agreement is in place, work can begin on major projects.  The county will need to insure the property for property damage and liability as of April 1.  It has not been determined yet by the County Attorney on how to utilize the Horace Staudt funds. 

Schroeder spoke to the Board about plans to build a maintenance shed with public restrooms at the Fossil Park.  Plans for sharing a building with the Secondary Roads Dept fell through due to funding and logistics.  Schroeder expects the building with all necessary amenities to cost as much as $150,000.  With the subsidy of the revenue from the sale of the Charles City 2nd St property and giving up the Conservation building west of Charles City to other county departments, REAP funds would be used to pay the remainder of the cost of the building. 

Travis Bartz and Chris Myers, Sheriff Deputies, and the Board discussed negotiations for a 3-year contract.  Deputies are requesting five of the accrued sick days per year to be allowed to be used for a sick family member and an increase in the percentage of the Sheriff’s salary from the current 73% up to 76% by FY16.

Brian Tiedemann and Gloria Carr, FOCUS representatives, spoke to the Board about funding compliance checks with General Fund revenues from the county’s Social Host and Minor Consumption ordinances due to the cessation of state funding for this purpose.  Through the IDPH Substance Abuse Prevention Grant, the county subcontracts FOCUS to administer $6,000 for the Caring Connections Mentor a Child program with the county receiving a 25% reimbursement from state.  In the past the county, city of Charles City and the Charles City Community School District each paid $1,000 for FOCUS initiatives.  The county ceased paying this when they switched initiatives for the Substance Abuse grant, the CCCSD decided to longer funds this effort a couple of years ago, and the city dropped its funding to $750 a couple of years ago when they started to fund Caring Connections.  For FY14 funding, FOCUS has proposed the city pass on FOCUS funding to Caring Connections and since both city and county law enforcement bring in revenue from the ordinances, have the county fund compliance checks as an expense in the Sheriff’s budget or a check to FOCUS who would then fund the law enforcement agency who conducts the compliance checks. Tiedemann shared information on how the compliance checks are conducted. 

Marci Andrews and Charley Perry, Floyd County Community Foundation representatives, spoke to the Board about the responsibilities of Andrews as a coordinator, including assisting with grant applications, setting up new endowments, and educating the public on the foundation.  The Foundation has asked the county to supplement $8,500 toward Andrews’ wages.

Seven representatives of the Ulster Future Leaders and Holly Jeffrey, 4H leader, presented information about putting welcome signs at four locations as you enter Floyd County and requested the Board’s letter of support to go along with the 4H group’s application for a DuPont Pioneer Seed Grant for $500 toward their effort in making 4H more prevalent with the 4H logo along with a “Welcome to Floyd County” message.  Jeffrey shared phases of the project and budget information.  The Board suggested the club speak with the County Engineer regarding right of way restrictions and sign materials.  The Board will act on a letter of support at tomorrow’s regular meeting.

The Board noted the resignations of Sandy Kuykendahl, Home Health Care Aide, and Bridget Edson, Emergency Management Coordinator.  Supv Schwickerath commented that the Emergency Management Commission subcommittee will make final arrangements for the interim EM Coordinator later today. 

   Supv Kuhn mentioned that the city of Charles City has invited the county to have county board meetings at City Hall.  Meetings at the city council chambers would be televised on the local cable channel, would need to be held in the evening to accommodate the Charles City High School student’s schedule to record the meeting and coordinated with Tom Brownlow, City Administrator, so as to not conflict with other meetings held at City Hall.  Discussion included having meetings at other locations throughout the county, coordinating schedules of department heads affected by the meeting time change, and particular items of interest to the public.

The Board continued with FY14 budget discussions, including the E911 budget, wages, proposed sheriff deputy wage calculations, and a decrease in the Communications budget. 

Future agenda items:  Insurance on Communications and E911 equipment.   

Kamm/Schwickerath motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried 3-0.


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