Meeting Minutes

Floyd County Board of Supervisors Meeting

April 15, 2013, 9:00 AM


The Floyd County Board of Supervisors met in the Board Room of the Floyd County Courthouse with the following in attendance:  Supv Kuhn, Chair, Supv Schwickerath and Supv Kamm.

Kamm/Schwickerath moved to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion carried 3-0. 

Update on various boards and commissions:  Supv Kamm has been a part of discussions for the property line issues with the Winnebago Scout Camp and attended a Rudd City Council meeting where they discussed concern regarding lack of law enforcement.  Supv Schwickerath attended several meetings including, a Business Improvement meeting where they are working on surveys to improve business in the Charles City area, a Nora Springs City Council meeting, three meetings at NIACOG (North Central Regional Emergency Planning District Committee and Response Commission and RPA, previous T21 Board meeting), North Iowa Vocational Center meeting, Community Revitalization meeting, and an Emergency Management Coordinator interview committee meeting.  Supv Kamm attended a FMC Early Childhood Iowa meeting and continues with work on the Upper Cedar River Watershed Management Improvement Authority. 

The Board noted the resignation of Joe Nettleton, Floyd County Memorial Hospital Commissioner, effective April 1 after serving more than five years.  The Board thanks Nettleton for his service and will fill the position next month. 

Bill Faust, FCMH Director, Ron James, retiring FCMH Chief Financial Officer, and Ron Timpe, incoming FMCH Chief Financial Officers, attended the meeting.  James will be retiring from the hospital April 30.  Timpe, was introduced and shared his experience that he brings from the hospital in Independence, Grundy County Memorial Hospital, and previous work as a CPA. 

The Board, Frank Rottinghaus, County Treasurer and the Auditor, discussed several drainage district items.  Rottinghaus and Carr are working on fund balances for drainage districts that will need Board action to order assessments as well as a board determination of a recommended ending fund balance for each district, such as 10% of the original assessment.  Rottinghaus questioned if the Board would want to adjust the current 6% rate accruing for warrants held by the county for districts where assessments have not yet been ordered by the Board.  I & S representatives have requested a meeting on Thursday with the Auditor to touch base on the status of DD #6 (& #56 for Cerro Gordo County), #9 and #12 prior to the April 23 board meeting.  The representatives replace Don Etler, previous I & S representative who has been working with these drains and recently resigned from the firm.  The Auditor confirmed with the County Engineer that a DD #2 warrant was incorrectly billed to the drain but not yet assessed and will likely need to be voided by the Board.  Once all drainage districts have been built in the new Solutions drainage software, the Board discussed billing each district/parcel proportionately for the Drainage District Association membership fee should the county decide to join, the cost of the Solutions licensing/training and annual fees, as well as possibly a percentage of the Auditor’s Drainage Clerk’s wages.

As a follow up to past audit findings regarding establishing a public purpose regarding the proper use of money for things such as Sheriff volunteer meals, Veteran Affairs shirts or appreciation/training dinners, and meals for employee training, the Board reviewed sample public purpose resolutions from Cerro Gordo County.  Discussion included possibly having a generic resolution to cover various situations involving volunteers, board approval for such costs as they arise, and other public purpose uses of tax payer money.  The Board will discuss this issue with department heads and the Auditor will gather sample resolutions from other counties.   

The Auditor informed the Board that Beth Hanson, Attorney for the Theresa Farmer lawsuit, would like to have a county representative for depositions and for the July trial.  The Board had no issues with the Auditor being the county representative.  

Adam Folkerts, new Floyd County representative to Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance 457b plans, was introduced.  Folkerts discovered that the County has been named as the beneficiary for eight employee plans rather than the employee’s choice of beneficiaries and explained that NML does not offer third party administration for required tax reporting for transfers and withdrawals from the investment.  Unlike Nationwide and Valic plans who offer the third party administration services, the only way beneficiaries other than the county can be named and proper reporting is conducted for the NML plans is if the county would hire a third party administrator.  Folkerts and the Auditor recommend the employees transfer investments to one of the other providers offered by the county but, unfortunately, the NML plans are subject to a 6% surrender fee.  We are awaiting word from the NML Compliance Dept to see if they will waive the fees but if not, the County Attorney will get the Iowa Insurance Commission involved due to misrepresentation of the product/service before employees are encouraged to rollover or transfer funds to another provider.  For the short term, employees have been offered options to discontinue current payroll contributions to NML since we are unsure if surrender fees will be waived and to set up a new 457b account with Nationwide or Valic to continue future payroll contributions. 

Eileen McLellan, Environmental Defense Fund representative, dialed in for a conference call regarding work on improving watershed health in rural agricultural landscapes by restoring clean water, wildlife habitat, flood control and climate change.  EDF has selected a project with Beaver Creek in the Huck 12 area, has signed agreements to bring forward watershed management, plans to engage land owners, and identify the physical science of practices.  In the current fiscal year, EDF would not be bringing funds directly to local governments for practices but would bring technical expertise such as contracts with groups such as EPA, NRCS and property owners in the Beaver Creek area and introduce conservation practices such as CREP, perennial filter strips, etc., educate what the benefits are, and where they should be implemented on various landscapes.  Supv Kuhn provided information on applications due May 15 for the Upper Cedar Watershed Management Improvement Authority and a scoring matrix used to select projects.  The relationship with the EDF and the local NCRS staff would likely be beneficial for the EDF projects and presentations to the UCWMIA executive committee when the authority selects projects for their $1.5 million funding.  Supv Kuhn encouraged the other Board members to attend the May 15 authority meeting at the Charles City Library.

The Auditor provided plans to fill the vacancy in the Auditor’s office, a job description, and funding for a change in one position and a new hire for the third position.  The Board discussed whether the office should continue with two deputies and one clerk or, through attrition, reduce the number of deputies in the Auditor’s, Recorder’s and Treasurer’s offices to one deputy and the rest of the staff appointed as clerks.  The Board suggested preparing a resolution changing the status to one deputy and two clerks so the Board has the option at their next regular meeting to leave the positions as they are or change if they deem appropriate.

Future agenda items:  revised 28E agreement for County Social Services and setting a date for a public hearing regarding the disposition of the Second Street property. 

Kamm /Schwickerath motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried 3-0.


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