Meeting Minutes

Floyd County Board of Supervisors Meeting

April 22, 2013, 9:00 AM


The Floyd County Board of Supervisors met in the Board Room of the Floyd County Courthouse with the following in attendance:  Supv. Kuhn, Chair, Supv. Schwickerath, and Supv Kamm.

Kamm/Schwickerath moved to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion carried 3-0.

The Board will review claims individually prior to tomorrow’s regular meeting.

Updates on previous boards/commissions/activities since the last meeting:   Supv Kuhn has been visiting with some residents of Rockford regarding the dam project and the detour with the bridge out.  Supv Schwickerath attended the Iowa Workforce Development meeting where employment reports were reviewed and the Emergency Management Interview Committee started interviewing candidates for the Coordinator position. Supv Kamm attended a FMC Landfill meeting, a Joint Entity meeting, and a Juvenile Detention Center meeting, and met with the new I & S representatives for drainage #6, #9 and #12, and participated in phone call with the Iowa National Heritage Foundation regarding the purchase of the Winnebago Scout Camp.

Supv Kuhn recognized Earth Day and commented on efforts made at both the state and local levels in preservation of our environment, including banning methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE), a gasoline additive found in drinking water, Floyd County having the most Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) acres, trying to get more small wind turbines that will disperse coal fired energy plants at the local level, and a large net exporter of energy produced from wind turbines and ethanol.  Today is the Green Energy Open House from 3-7 p.m. at the Fossil and Prairie Park Preserve. 

Merlin Bartz, District Representative for Congressman Steve King, 4th District, shared information on the changes to office locations and staffing due to the reduction of district seats in the state.  Bartz commented that Iowa is one of the premier agricultural districts in the nation and the 4th Congressional District is one of the largest wind energy production districts in the county and one of the largest in ethanol and wind energy distribution in the country.  On behalf of Congressman King, Bartz shared three of the biggest issues being dealt with:  1) the farm bill and an amendment for every state having the ability to develop its own standards for how animals and crops are raised in effort to protect the interstate commerce act; 2) the debt ceiling of the country and passing a responsible budget; and 3) serving on the judicial committee with respect to immigration reform bill.  Flood mitigation is also of special interest to Congressman King. 

Shelley Smith, FMC Governance Coordinator/FOCUS representative, provided information proposed for the Iowa Department of Public Health County Substance Abuse Prevention Services Request for Bid for FY14.  The $6,000 budget with $4,500 funded by the County and $1,500 funded by IDPH includes funding the mentoring program, SAMHSA Building Blocks, Social Norms Campaign.  This will be acted on at tomorrow’s regular meeting.

Norm Klemesrud, County Attorney, provided information regarding ProLaw Case Management software to better manage case load, schedule trial information, and provide standard forms to prepare information faster and better and allow staff more time to do research on cases.  The cost of the software is approximately $2,800 plus server upgrades at a cost of $3,347, with some annual maintenance costs.  Klemesrud is exploring another option through either the Iowa County Attorneys Association or Iowa State Association of Counties on the use of a shared server at a cost of approximately $1,600.  A representative will be visiting with Norm today about a 28E agreement opportunity to share prosecutor documents and information with 45 other counties. 

Wages on several open positions was also discussed.  Klemesrud requested the Board to take action on a wage of $17.18/hour for the open paralegal position.  The Board also talked about wages for a current and a vacated position in the Auditor’s office.  The Auditor requested to move Tracy Sindt to a 58% deputy; if the Board will not allow two deputies, the Auditor requested Sindt’s wage be the same as the Treasurer’s Clerks.  The Auditor proposed the new hire start at no more than $12.50 per hour.  Supv Kuhn proposed that the decrease in wages/salaries in the Auditor’s office be used to increase the high range of $32,000 to $40,000 for the Zoning Administrator/Safety Coordinator/GIS Technician position if needed to obtain a more qualified candidate.  Supv Kamm commented about the position being one that he is not 100% sure is needed.  Supv Schwickerath commented that he would support the higher range for a good candidate.

In preparation for tomorrow’s drainage district #12 meeting, the Board discussed:  1) rates on drainage district claims paid and pending payment from assessments; 2) future assessments on drainage district #9 to cover past work from the Secondary Roads Department; 3) passing on charges for software, memberships, and Auditor’s Clerk’s wages; 4) the status of DD #12. 

Each of the Board members will provide Performance Evaluations for various department heads to the Auditor to compile on one per employee.  The Board members will be assigned to a department head and meet with that department head individually and the compiled evaluations will be provided to the chair of each board/commission with a letter encouraging them to also do employee evaluations on the department head.  The evaluations will become part of the employee’s payroll file in the Auditor’s office.   

Future agenda items:    Paula Kruthoff, HR Business Partners, would like to provide information on human resources services available and Mark Melrose, Melrose Insurance, would like to do a quarterly insurance review.

Kamm/Schwickerath motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried 3-0.


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