Meeting Minutes

Floyd County Board of Supervisors Meeting

January 27, 2014, 9:00 AM


The Floyd County Board of Supervisors met in the Board Room of the Floyd County Courthouse with the following in attendance:  Supv. Schwickerath, Chair, Supv Kamm, and Supv. Kuhn.

Kamm/Kuhn moved to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion carried 3-0.

The Board will review claims individually after today’s meeting.

Updates on previous boards/commissions/activities:  Supv Kamm attended Landfill and Conservation meetings.  Supv Schwickerath attended Chamber, Joint Entity, County Social Services and NIVC meetings. 

Neil Hyde, Marco Technology Advisor, provided a proposal to upgrade the current Mitel telephone system, originally installed 2000, to a voice over IP system (VOIP).  The current processor has been discontinued and no longer has technical support.  The processor could be upgraded with the existing cabinet and cards and replacing only some of the telephones.  VOIP phones would allow for new options such as pushing calls to cell phones, receiving audio messages through e-mail, mobility of phone services from home, disaster recovery through broadband connections, improve conference call features, enhanced E911 capability, and incoming and outgoing caller ID services.  Marco can conduct an assessment of our internet services.  Per Solutions, the county’s data system will need to be upgraded to accommodate power over Ethernet (PoE) switches.  With our Century Link contract, there would be an increase in monthly fees but the VOIP would offer 5,000 minutes of long distance at no charge.  Cat 6 wiring and wireless options were also discussed.  Hyde will provide another quote for a new system. 

The Board discussed doing annual performance reviews for direct and indirect department heads in October.  For Laurie Simpson, Zoning Director/Safety Coordinator, each supervisors will complete a 6-month evaluation and Supv Kuhn will do the review with her.

The Board reviewed examples of public purpose policies for items like refreshments, meals, mugs, rewards, trinkets, paper goods like paper towels, tissues, items covered through grants that might otherwise not be considered as county public purpose, etc.  It was suggested that if various county boards do not have a policy approved by the supervisors that they should follow the county’s policy.  The Auditor will combine language from a couple of the sample policies to draft a county policy and run it by the County Attorney. 

The Board noted the Assessor’s Conference Board reappointment of Chuck Souder to the County Board of Review as an active farmer representative. 

The Board noted a letter received by Steve Merrill, Veteran Affairs Commissioner, of his resignation effective January 20.  Discussion included changing from a three to five person board, potential candidates to fill the vacancy, additional appointments should the membership be increased, gender balance, and meeting times.  The Auditor will draft a resolution to go to five board members and run it by the County Attorney.  Supv Kuhn will visit with the Director and Commission about their position on a five person board. 

The Board and Norm Klemesrud, County Attorney, reviewed the draft Contract for Jail Service between Floyd and Mitchell counties.  Discussion included what is intended by “acceptable prisoners” in item 1 and 2, assurance of available space for acceptable prisoners, charging $135,000 annually and billing monthly in item 3 and 4 versus paying on actual numbers of incarcerations, providing notice of delivering prisoners in item 6, holding Mitchell County employees harmless and indemnify them for any action brought by or on behalf of a prisoner for various actions in item 9, no need to rush into this contract and responsibility for negotiating the contract. 

Future agenda items:  NIACOG/Beaver Creek Watershed project, North door entrance area, 457b Deferred Comp sponsor options in March, employee benefits meeting in May, and employee handbook changes.

Kuhn/ Kamm motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried 3-0.


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