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Minutes … FCCB Meeting

5:00 PM  December 4, 2012, F&P Center


Meeting called to order at 5:00 PM by President Hicok.


Members present: Uetz, Schneckloth, Paulus, Hicok


Motion by Schneckloth, 2nd by Uetz to approve the agenda.  MC.

Minutes approved as read.


Citizens:  Staff:  Dave VanWaus, Laura Elfers, Heidi Reams


Staff Reports:  Projects, programs and park work were reported by staff.


Director Report:

· Rock Creek Property-  Land is all paid for.  Mike Stewart will be farming the land for 2013.  Paperwork for transfer deed and filing is at our County Attorney’s office.  Recommend that the Board make set an Ag land Policy.  Current land rents go to Conservation’s Capital Projects Fund.

· Knapp II–  DNR check taken to Knapp’s attorney.  PF $8000 and IKES $2000 contribution were also collected at taken to attorney’s office.  FCCB responsible for remaining balance, waiting to know attorney’s fee to submit claim.

· Winnebago Scout Camp–  Director Schroeder has visited with the Supervisors regarding this topic twice.  He has encouraged them to decide their level of support and put it in writing.  INHF is anticipating a closing date of April 1st.  Conservation Board will need to sign a repurchase agreement with INHF.  A slide show of Scout Camp buildings was shared along with possible uses/improvements.


New Business

· Xerox Copier lease was extended and machine updated to a color/black white machine.


Old Business

· Shop– 2 building shop concept was shared.  One building would house a shop and new 4 season public restroom facility.  The other building would be cold storage.

· Rockford Dam-  Paperwork is delaying removal.  Received $30,000 DNR Hazardous Dam Grant to cover engineering costs.


Business Meeting:  Motion by Wendland 2nd by Schneckloth to approve bills. MC.


 Next meeting.   Tuesday,  Jan. 8th - 5:00 PM at Fossil & Prairie Center.


Motion by Wendland to adjourn meeting at 7:31 p.m.




President: ______________________  Secretary: ___________________.


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