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Minutes … FCCB Meeting

5:00 PM  January 8, 2013, F&P Center

Meeting called to order at 5:06 PM by President Hicok.

Members present: Uetz, Wendland, Paulus, Hicok

Motion by Wendland, 2nd by Uetz to approve the agenda.  MC.

Motion by Uetz, 2nd by Paulus to approve minutes. MC.

Citizens:  Brian Finkhauser, INHF, Dennis Carney, Jeff Koenigsfeld

Brian presented the Board with a repurchase agreement for the Scout Camp.  Items in the agreement were explained.  Schroeder recommended the Board allow the Board of Supervisors view and sign the documents at their next meeting.  Board accepted Director Schroeder’s suggestion.

Staff Reports:  Schroeder, Elfers and Reams presented a power point of proposed projects and building uses at the Scout Camp.  VanWaus absent-written report copied for Board.

Board recessed for supper at 6:10 p.m. Reconvened at 6:37.

Director Report:

2013-2014 Budget worksheets were reviewed.  Major changes in the Maintenance and Operations budget due to expected work at Scout Camp.  2011 REAP numbers were reviewed again and comparison made District wide.

Motion by Wendland 2nd by Uetz to accept the conditions of the Low-Head Dam Safety Grant awarded by the Iowa DNR for $30,000.  MC

New Business

Heat Pump-  Lower level water to water heat pump is out.  Options to replace either the compressor or the entire unit.  Motion by Uetz, 2nd by Paulus to accept  Plumbing’s bid of $7464 for a new ClimateMaster 5 ton heat pump. MC

WSR Name-  Motion by Paulus 2nd by Wendland to accept the staff’s recommendation to name the former Boys Scout Camp, Otto Buff Recreation Area. MC.

Scout Camp– Dennis Carney spoke to the board about his thought regarding scout Camp.  He has volunteers willing to work on projects just needs a plan.  Think it is possible to open the camp May 1st and begin making revenue for the County.

Old Business

Rock Creek Property—Property transfer complete, now County property.

Knapp II Property—Paperwork filed, now County property.

Business Meeting:  Motion by Uetz 2nd by Wendland to approve bills. MC.

 Next meeting.   Tuesday,  Feb. 5th - 5:00 PM at Fossil & Prairie Center.


Motion by Wendland to adjourn meeting at 7:56 p.m.


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