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Minutes … FCCB Meeting


5:00 PM February 5, 2013, F&P Center


Meeting called to order at 5:04 PM by President Hicok.


Members present: Uetz, Wendland, Paulus, Schneckloth, Hicok


President Hicok reviewed the intentions of a consent agenda. Members commented on Consent agendas. Board will proceed with having a consent agenda for future Board meetings.

Motion by Paulus, 2nd by Uetz to approve the consent agenda. MC


Citizens: Steve King, Floyd Co. Groomer’s Trail Coordinator, Joe Paulus, Floyd Co. Groomers, Virgil & Ruby Munsell, Floyd Co. Supervisor Mark Kuhn.

Steve King made the Board aware of a lease held between the Groomers and the Winnebago Scout Council allowing the Groomers to extend the Corset Alley snow-mobile trail through the southern portion of the Scout Camp. This trail has not been used recently due to washouts. Trail maintenance will be needed in the future such as installation of culverts. King will communicate with Director Schroeder as to the Groomer’s progress in acquiring funds to do needed maintenance.


Supervisor Kuhn addressed the Board regarding the Board of Supervisor’s mission of openness and accountability to the citizens of Floyd County. Kuhn requested the Conservation Board’s assistance with this by allowing the Board’s agenda and minutes be posted on the County’s website. Motion by Wendland 2nd by Uetz to send a copy of the Board’s agenda and minutes to the Supervisors to be posted on the County’s website. MC

Supervisor Kuhn also spoke to the Board regarding the Supervisors financial contribution to the acquisition of the former Boy Scout Camp and building of a new Conservation Shop at the Fossil & Prairie Park.

Board recessed at 5:44 p.m. Reconvened at 5:54 p.m.


Director Report:

Reviewed with Board why they decided to pursue purchase of the former Scout Camp. Discussed priorities (1. Protect and enhance resource, 2. Long-term sus-tainability and 3. Compatible use), and moving forward in the project.

Review of capital projects will take place at next meeting.


New Business

1st drafts of cabin rental policies and snowshoe/ski polices were reviewed. Ac-tion to take place at next meeting.

Land Rents- Stated in the Iowa Code any land rents 40 acres or less may be ter-minated by giving a 30 day notice.


Old Business



Next meeting. Tuesday, March 5th - 5:00 PM at Fossil & Prairie Center.

Motion by Wendland to adjourn meeting at 7:15 p.m.

President: ______________________ Secretary: ___________________.


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