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Minutes … FCCB Meeting

5:00 PM March 12, 2013, F&P Center


Meeting called to order at 5:04 PM by President Hicok.


Members present: Uetz, Wendland, Paulus, Hicok


Amended the meeting agenda to include Tosanak Priorities to New Business.

Motion by Uetz, 2nd by Paulus to approve the consent agenda. MC


Citizens: Floyd Co. Supervisor Roy Schwickerath

Board recessed at 5:06 p.m. Reconvened at 5:54 p.m.


Director Report:

Reviewed with Board Capital Projects. Right now we have Tosanak, new shop, and the dam. All three in hundreds of thousands of dollars to accomplish. Director Schroeder recommends review the Capital Project list after one or two of these major projects are completed in the spring then go back and review short, intermediate and long term projects. $$ will be limiting factor, not time.


New Business

Board discussed bidding out process for the shop. Motion by Uetz 2nd by Paulus to seek bids for shop construction with alternatives. MC

Tosanak Recreation Logo: Motion by Uetz 2nd by Wendland to approve the staff’s recommendation for the logo of Tosanak Recreation Area. MC

Board discussed ways to pursue public input. Motion by Wendland 2nd by Uetz to form an Ad Hoc committee comprised of 2 representatives from the Foundation Board, 2 from Conservation Board, 2 Boy Scouts and 2 Conser-vation Board Staff. MC Representatives would report back to their respective group on ideas gathered at Ad Hoc committee meeting. Conservation Board can disband this group at any time. Board is to come to April 2nd meeting with Ad Hoc member suggestions.

Conservation Board agreed to donate a one day lodge or one night cabin stay at Tosanak Recreation Area for the Fossil & Prairie Conservation Foundation Ban-quet.


Old Business

Board reviewed and discussed bill submitted by Jim Boyle for Kiln work. Board directed Director Schroeder to write a letter terminating relationship with Jim. Motion by Paulus 2nd by Uetz MC

Dam Report- Meeting with Historical Society to determine historical register status later this week. April 1st bridge will close. Recommend submitting public notice dam is not an alternative means to cross river.


Next meeting. Tuesday, April 2nd - 5:00 PM at Tosanak Rec. Area

Motion by Wendland to adjourn meeting at 7:21 p.m.


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