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Minutes...FCCB Meeting

5:00 PM April 2, 2013 Tosanak Recreation Area


Members: Hicok, Paulus, Uetz, Schneckloth, Wendland

Meeting was called to order at 5:14PM by President Hicok


Meeting agenda was amended to include a letter sent to Pres Hicok under Directors Report and Dam Survey under New Business. Motion to approve meeting agenda and consent agenda: 1st by Uetz 2nd by Paulus. MC


Citizens: June Vogelman would like to address the Board but is running late.


Director’s Report

Summer Intern- Next year’s budget has money for 2 positions. This year interviewed 2 individuals and position awarded to Morgan Schlader. She will live at Tosanak Ranger House.

Letter read by President Hicok from Bruce Bergland regarding the plans and moving forward with Tosanak. Board reviewed discussion had at March meeting regarding forming an Ad Hoc committee and who would be on it. Initial thoughts 2 from Cons B. 2 from Fd. Bd. 1 Supervisor, 2 Scout Representatives, 2 Cons Staff, and General Public.


Citizens: June Vogelman addressed the Board requesting their permission for the Cub Scouts to hold a Cub Scout Run (5K Run and 1K kid run) at Tosanak Recreation Area on Sept. 21st. Motion by Paulus 2nd by Uetz to allow the scouts to hold their run at Tosanak. MC


Recessed for supper at 5:52 p.m. Reconvened at 6:18 p.m. Resumed discussion on Ad Hoc committee. President Hicok appointed Paul and Schneckloth to represent the Conservation Board, Director Schroeder is to appoint 2 from the staff. Staff is also asked to write a letter to Foundation President Jon Schneckloth and Dennis Carney to select 2 representatives from the Foundation and Scouts and send those names prior to the May 7th meeting. Paulus will be facilitator of the initial Ad Hoc committee meeting.

New Business:

Lawn mower bids were discussed for a new mower at Tosanak. Director Schroeder recommends accepting Phelps Implements bid for a John Deere. Motion by Uetz 2nd by Schneckloth to purchase mower from Phelps. MC

Green Energy Open House will be held Monday, April 22 from 3-7 p.m.

Rockford Dam Survey & Engineering- Through further discussion with DNR personnel and Sara Strassman, it is recommended an engineer be involved. A pre and post survey of the millhouse, vibration monitoring on abutment will done. Co. Engineer will be on site if we need him. Motion by Schneckloth 2nd by Uetz to support moving forward with engineering by hiring Barr Engineering. MC


Old Business:

Ad Hoc Committee– discussed earlier

Survey work delaying the closing of Tosanak property



Next meeting May 7th 5 PM at Tosanak Recreation Area

Adjourned at 7:16 by Schneckloth


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