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Minutes...FCCB Meeting

5:00 PM May 7th, 2013 Fossil & Prairie Center


Members: Paulus, Hicok, Uetz, Schneckloth, Wendland

Meeting was called to order at 5 PM by President Hicok.


Motion by Uetz, 2nd by Paulus to approve items on the Consent Agenda. (Claims, Staff Reports, April meeting minutes). MC


Motion by Wendland, 2nd by Schneckloth to approve the meeting agenda and include Tosanak Lease agreement and Rental Rates to Director’s Report. MC.


Director’s Report:

1. Rockford Dam: Barr Engineering is hired for the project. “Up and Running” 10 days ago prior to last weeks snowfall. Water levels at that time were where they could begin taking measurements. The timeline reported in the Charles City Press was not accurate information and did not come from our office. Timeline is dependent upon when we receive all required permits and water levels. We are in possession of the DNR permit. Information gathered by the State for the DNR permit is now being shared with the FWS so that those 2 permit applications can be completed and approved. As soon as all permits are received we can then let out bids for the project. Nate Hoogeveen IADNR stated we can request up to 90% of the $30,000 grant for engineering costs prior to completion of the project. This is very different from other grants.

Schroeder addressed the rumors about Hinkel Construction taking the dam out for free. That is not true...all that was said was that they would take out the area where the water is piping through the dam. That work can not be done with out the permits mentioned above.

Board recessed for supper at 5:17 pm and reconvened at 5:41 pm


2. Tosanak Acquisition: Lease agreement between INHF and FCCB was reviewed. Highlighted were the 9 items under Purpose of Lease and Use of Leased Premises. Motion by Uetz 2nd by Paulus to approve the signing of the Winnebago Scout Reservation Lease agreement between INHF and FCCB by the President and Director. MC Until the closing of the sale between the Boy Scouts and INHF, FCCB staff and any and all volunteers are directed to stay off property.


Proposed rental rates for facilities at Tosanak were presented to the Board. Rates were based on other County Conservation Boards in the area with similar facilities and the rates of the Boy Scouts. Motion by Schneckloth 2nd by Uetz to approve the rental rates for Tosanak Recreation Area facilities. MC

3. Shop: Discussion on consolidating Conservation staff location and buildings began 8 years ago with Supervisors Enabnit, Staudt and Dunkel. Project was put off for years because of no money in the budget to build a new shop at the Fossil Park. Two years ago the Supervisors began discussing selling the 2nd St. property. Monies from that sale will go toward a shop for the Conservation Department. Schneckloth asked many questions from the IKES regarding the shop, Trowbridge and if the monies could be used for the purchase of Tosanak instead.


New Business

1. Approve Priorities, Short/Long term goals of Tosanak. Motion by Wendland for the ap-proval of Why we Purchased, Priorities,and Going Forward documents for Tosanak Recreation Area. 2nd by Uetz. MC

2. President Hicok went over documents he and staff worked on putting together for the advisory committee. Motion by Wendland to approve the Tosanak Advisory Committee Guide-lines 2nd by Paulus. MC.

3. Names of nominees for the Tosanak Advisory Committee from FCCB, Fossil & Prairie Center Foundation, Scouts, and FCCB staff were read. Motion by Wendland 2nd by Uetz to appoint Ann Schneckloth, Lori Paulus, Bruce Bergland, Dennis Carney, Mike Schwitzer, Colleen Grayson, Laura Elfers, Heidi Reams and Dave VanWaus to the To-sanak Advisory Committee (TAC). Paulus will serve as the initial chairperson for the first meeting. Paulus and Schneckloth will discuss a date and get back to the staff to alert other TAC members.

4. Board received a request for a Letter of Support for CREP projects and flood control struc-tures on Beaver Creek. Staff directed by Schneckloth and rest of the Board to write the let-ter.


Old Business

Jim Boyle and Kiln Project: Received a letter from Jim today. Copies of the letter were made. Topic will be on next month’s agenda.


Next meeting: June 4th at 5 PM at Tosanak Recreation Area

Meeting adjourned by Scheckloth at 7:05


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