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Minutes...FCCB Meeting

5:00 PM June 4th, 2013 Tosanak Recreation Area


Members: Paulus, Hicok, Uetz, Schneckloth, Wendland


Meeting was called to order at 5:15 PM by President Hicok.

Amended agenda: Adding under Directors report— Scout Donation & Code 350, and under New Business—Turkey, PF, State habitat grant.

Motion by Wendland, 2nd by Schneckloth to approve items on the Consent Agenda. (Claims, Staff Reports, May meeting minutes). MC


Citizens Present: Morgan Schlader (FCCB Summer Intern)


Director’s Report:

1. Tosanak Recreation Area update: Due to legal issues regarding boundaries the purchase was finalized between INHF and the Winnebago Scout Council on May 17th. We are now operating under the INHF Lease agreement, some projects may need INHF approval to complete. The Supervisors have committed $150,000 toward the purchase with another $100,000 for the Conservation’s REAP account for the County’s portion of the purchase. Approximately $220,000 has been raised through private donations. In addition to purchase there is a fee for the survey $10,000 and some legal fees. Staff will be applying for a REAP grant this fall (REAP was funded this year at $16 million). If the grant is not fully funded, other revenue generated by the Conservation (land rent, center fees, etc.) may be used toward the purchase. Horace Staudt Endowment may have 5-6% interest available each year. We are waiting on County Attorney Klemesrud’s opinion on the status of that endowment. Regarding insurance, Tosanak is covered. Staff is working on a Volunteer policy and currently there is no volunteerism without staff supervision

Board recessed for supper at 5:56 pm and reconvened at 6:20 pm

2. Rockford Dam: The Historic portion is the hold up. A meeting scheduled for Friday between all parties was cancelled because SHPO was not able to attend. Due to the age of the structure, it qualifies for Historic registration. Options for removal would be: Partial removal (which was not recommended by our Engineer) or taking photos during the removal process. Looking for an appropiate place to take debris.


3. Scout Donation: Courtney Weber, former WSR Ranger, now working at Mitigwa Scout Camp in Boone, contacted us regarding the ice machine and exam table. Both of those items were given to him as his camps are experiencing a 20% increase in attendance. It was considered going from Scouts to Scouts.

4. Chapter 350 Iowa Code: There are 2 points to make the Board aware of, 350.4 Powers & Duties #3 File acquisitions with the DNR within a year. Not sure if this has been done with the newest acquisitions, staff with check on. #6 Chain of Command—The Board directs the Conservation Director of which he then directs staff. If the Board members receive any questions or complaints on projects etc. please direct them to the Director.


New Business

1. Tosanak Advisory Committee review. Paulus commented on the initial meeting of the committee. They reviewed the documents (open meeting law, purpose, etc.) and timeline. Schneckloth stated that many suggestions were made. The committee recommend Cala Westergard, Stacy Tynan, Larry Wolfe & Phillip Parcher (alternate) for the additional committee members. A Chair and Recorder were not selected until all Committee members are present. Motion by Paulus to approve Westergard, Tynan, Wolfe & Parcher to the Tosanak Advisory Committee 2nd by Wendland. MC

2. Heidi Reams updated the Board on upcoming events being held. The Jon Tumilson 5K run will be on July 13th, with the unveiling of the statue on Friday July 12th. The Fossil & Prairie Conservation Foundation 5K run will be on September 7th and the Greene Cub Scout run will be at Tosanak on September 21st.

3. Turkey, PF & State Habitat grants—Dave Van Waus commented that in order to apply for these funding sources, Tosanak Recreation Area must be open to hunting. Board will address this issue at a Special Board meeting to be held on Tuesday June 11th at 5 p.m. at the Trowbridge Wildlife Area, Charles City.


Old Business

1. Board discussed the Jim Boyle/Kiln project. Motion by Paulus 2nd by Uetz to have Director Schroeder to write a letter Mr. Boyle requesting he remove his equipment and that he is welcome to address the Board at the July meeting.

2. The GreenScreen TouchScreen project is completed.


Next meeting: June 11th at 5 PM at Trowbridge Wildlife Area

Meeting adjourned by Wendland at 7:57 PM


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