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Minutes...FCCB Meeting

5:00 PM September 3, 2013 Fossil & Prairie Center


Members: Hicok, Paulus, Uetz, Schneckloth, Wendland


Meeting was called to order at 5:21PM by President Hicok


Motion by Wendland, 2nd by Uetz to approve the  meeting agenda. MC

Motion by Uetz, 2nd by Wendland to approve the consent agenda (August meeting minutes, staff reports, claims)  MC


Citizens:  Conservation Staff and Doug Kamm, Floyd Co. Supervisor.


Kamm reported of the meeting held with Barr Engineering , Doug Schroeder,   Doug Martin, owner of the millhouse and himself in an inspection of the millhouse and monitoring methods prior to dam removal and during removal. 


Board agreed to move Shop ahead in agenda to receive Kamm’s input.  A synopsis of consolidating Conservation facilities and building a shop at the Fossil Park has been on the Conservation Board;s plans for almost 8 years.  Kamm reported the 2nd St. property sale monies ($78,000) is for the construction of a new shop for Conservation.  Initial plans were to use those monies along with REAP funds to build a shop and cold storage building.  However, Tosanak came along and $100,000 went to its purchase.  Uetz and Schroeder have been working on plans and design for a 42’x60’ building with public restrooms.  Motion by Wendland 2nd by Paulus to seek bids for the building of a shop in 2 weeks.  MC


Director’s Report

· Conservation Board vehicle-  It took two months, but we now have the Sheriff’s blazer as our 3rd vehicle.  We also have $12,000 remaining in the budget for  ranger at Tosanak.

· Tosanak work-  picnic tables have been found all over the property and have been brought out of the woods for inventory.  Buildings have all been cleaned.  Dining hall is being used as a staging area.

· REAP Grant-  Requested $269,235.00 This is the remaining amount needed to purchase Tosanak.  There are 29 other projects asking for a total $6.9 million, there is only $1.3 million available.  Horace Staudt monies have been deposited unencumbered but available for purchase of improvements.

New Business

· Ag Leases-  Last year Board reviewed ag leases and increase ag rents to $150/acre with understanding leases would be reviewed again this year.  Letters were sent to all tenants informing them of this prior to Sept 1st.  Oct-Nov Board needs to start reviewing rates and CSR values to let tenants know.

· Hunting at Tosanak-  News releases have been sent for applicants.  Only 5 hunters will be allowed on the property at any one time.  Drawings will be held on Sept 9th for Youth/Handicap hunters and Sept 16th for archery deer.  Youth deer season is Sept 21– Oct. 6th and Oct. 7th-  Dec. 6th.

· Cabin Renovations (water, gas, sewer)-  Met with Matt Katcher of Viafield, LP salesman.  Mick Gage has offered to do work and donate labor and used, inspected furnaces to us.


Motion by Paulus 2nd by Uetz to give staff authority to look into renovation costs.  MC


· Rockford Dam-  Public Meeting on September 17, 7PM at Rockford City Hall to report on this project.  Where we are at, timeline on project, how dam will be removed will be covered by FWS contact, BARR engineering, IA DNR Fisheries.

· TAC Committee Report:  Pres. Hicok started this report by informing other board members of the meeting he had with Bruce Bergland, Jon Schneckloth and Doug Schroeder because Hicok felt there was not a lot of good interactive communication between the groups involved.  Which is what he hoped the TAC Committee would serve. Example is the Sept. 7th event at Tosanak, who is the host, what is going on at this event, etc.  Consensus of the meeting, all groups will be sharing their respective meeting minutes with each other so all know what was discussed and decided at meetings.  TAC Committee members would look at Tosanak with a broad perspective and form short term, intermediate and long term goals that are not dependent upon the facilities that are currently existing.  What do they see happening down there, where what things could be, what should the Conservation Board consider doing?  Not a to-do-list.  The report from TAC shared tonight, was first Conservation Board received.  There are similar ideas on this list recommended from staff and discussed by the Conservation Board.  Example,  TACs recommendation to leave Staudt Hallow cabins as it, don’t move them.  Yes, that was an idea presented by the staff but because of the strong feelings expressed by the public and scout members, that is not going to happen in the immediate future.  Instead, the people (users) will tell us what their needs and wants are.



Next meeting– October 1, 2013  5 PM at the Fossil & Prairie Center


8:05 PM adjourned




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