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Minutes...FCCB Meeting

5:00 PM November 5, 2013 Fossil & Prairie Center


Members: Hicok, Paulus, Uetz, Schneckloth, Wendland


Meeting was called to order at 5:01 PM by President Hicok


Motion by Schneckloth, 2nd by Uetz to approve the consent agenda (October meeting minutes, staff reports, claims)  MC



Citizens:  Doug Kamm, Floyd Co. Supervisor.


Director’s Report

· Mussel Survey—A fall survey was completed 1 1/2 weeks ago as a part of the FWS Environmental Assessment report.  The survey was done by staff, DNR and Federal personnel.  This survey had to be done within 90 days prior to removal of the dam.  Only approximately 100 mussels were found.  Reasons for that include: previous survey and relocation, low water levels, and mussels already in areas to over winter.  Question received by Hicok regarding concern for mussels when taking out the dam in Dec. as planned may affect walleye in the pool below the dam.  Schroeder answered that the walleye are highly mobile while mussels are not and that there are other wintering holes near Marble Rock dam.

· Shop—On track with contractor to start pad work next week.  Electrician has been here looking at distances to bore in utilities.  We have received an amount for septic (original bid did not include that), $7500 for a 1250 gal. tank (vault) and 300 feet of line.


TAC report—Hicok also attended the meeting to clarify some points of confusion by the committee.  Schneckloth reported on that the Committee has broken down User groups and five criteria to basis needs for each group.  They will meet to report back on Nov. 20th.  Discussion continued as to compromise between user groups that may wish to utilize Tosanak Recreation Area.


Directors report continued . . .

· REAP Grant agreement – We received the official grant agreement from State of Iowa.  Will return with necessary paper including: Yellow book appraisal being completed shortly although we have until December 2015 to complete.  Motion by Wendland 2nd by Paulus to accept the REAP grant of $269,275 under the conditions stated in the agreement.  MC


5:45 PM Recessed for dinner

6:25 PM Resumed meeting


· Grant/Acquisition History—Hicok had requested this report be done by Staff to bring an awareness to the Board of the amount of acres and grant wards that staff has acquired since 1994.


New Business

· Hunting at the Fossil & Prairie Park Preserve & Launder Nature Preserve. Schroeder commented on how last year was successful with no incidents or complaints and this would be brought up to the Board annually to approve.  Motion by Uetz 2nd by Wendland to approve hunting in these areas for the deer season as was done last year.  MC

· Tosanak Recreation Area camping/rental policy.  Reams presented information regarding rental rates and forms that interested parties would use to reserve/rent facilities in the future.  The only changes in the previously approved rates was the addition of a modern cabin rate and a change in primitive camping after utilizing those areas this fall with Scout groups.  Also included was staff recommendations for Tosanak policies.   Motion by Wendland 2nd by Schneckloth to accept the rates and policies with the addition of need to be 21 to rent and the exception of the alcohol restriction to be reviewed further.  MC

· Tosanak Months of Operation—Schroeder commented on how our other county camping facilities close on October 1st and that staff would like to focus on some of the facilities at Tosanak Recreation Area during the winter.  Motion by Schneckloth 2nd by Paulus to have Tosanak Recreation Area closed effective Dec. 1st allowing only walk in users and Conservation sponsored events. MC

· Trail grooming areas determined—During previous years it was the intention to groom trails at the Fossil & Prairie Park, Wentland Woods, and have worked with Charles City Parks to groom Wildwood.  Discussion was held on having trails on both the west and east sides of the county.  Motion by Uetz, 2nd by Wendland to groom trails at Tosanak Recreation Area, inquire into Wildwood, and Fossil & Prairie Park and Wentland Woods as time allows.  MC

· Ford Ranger bids— Received bids for the Ford Ranger from Denny’s Recycling $350 and Chatfield’s $300.  Motion by Wendland 2nd by Uetz to accept bid from Denny’s Recycling for $350.  MC


Old Business

· Tosanak Roofs/Heat/Sewer—received bids regarding new roofs on the Ranger House, former First Aid building, and West shower house.  Motion by Wendland 2nd by Uetz to accept the bid from L & C Builders from New Hampton of $11,950.  MC  Schroeder was asked to inquire into the cost of having the Director’s Lodge roof added.

· Dam progress—Schroeder commented that discussion with the Engineer is ongoing.  The schedule is to have it go out for bids this month with removal in December.  Board Ok’d the writing of a Fish Habitat Stamp grant for the Dam project.

· Enabnit vs. Floyd County—The temporary injunction was granted. 


Next meeting– December 10, 2013  5 PM at the Fossil & Prairie Center


8:10 PM adjourned


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