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Minutes...FCCB Meeting

5:00 PM January 21, 2014 Fossil & Prairie Center


Members: Hicok, Paulus, Uetz, Wendland


Meeting was called to order at 5:02 PM by President Hicok


Motion by Uetz, 2nd by Paulus to approve the consent agenda MC



Citizens:  Doug Kamm, Floyd Co. Supervisor.


Director’s Report

· Dam update—We received the schedule of work from the Beemer Contractor.  They have taken out a dam recently and seem confident on how to proceed.  Picture will be taken during the project, for historic purposes.

· Budget 2014-15—Most of the budget will stay the same.  There may be some changes due to retirement/new hire and increases in fuel, etc.  It has not been approved by the Supervisors yet. 


New Business

· Job Descriptions – Director Schroeder recommends moving the Deputy Director to Director and then hiring a Ranger/Resource Manager.  Job description for new position of Ranger/Resource Manager was reviewed.  Suggestion to change the title to Resident Ranger/Resource manager since it’s required to live on site at Tosanak Recreation Area.  Motion by Paulus, 2nd by Uetz to approve the job descriptions. MC


5:56 PM Recessed for dinner

6:15 PM Resumed meeting


· Job Descriptions continued– Discussion on how the change of position needs to be handled.  Does the Director’s position need to be posted or can the Deputy be moved?  Director Schroeder will look into what needs to be done and report to the Board at the next meeting.


· Spring Turkey Season—VanWaus, Natural Resource Manager presented the proposal for taking 3-5 applications per season to hunt turkey in the south half of the Tosanak Recreation Area.  VanWaus also included information regarding the current deer population there and the impact of the habitat shrinkage in surrounding areas will create more of an increased at Tosanak as the wintering grounds.


Old Business

· Kilns – Randall Construction has looked at the structure of kiln #2 and estimates it will cost $100,000 to repair.  Director Schroeder recommends taking down kiln #2, tuck point #3 and finish the project with the installation of the interpretive panels.  Board will think about the options and discuss at the February meeting.

· Shop – The walls of the shop at the Fossil & Prairie Park Preserve have been insulated/lined and the heat is installed.  Interior walls are going up.

· Tosanak Recreation Area alcohol rules & regulations—Board liked the idea of no alcohol in public areas and felt that was enforceable. Motion by Wendland 2nd by Uetz to approve the amended Tosanak Recreation Area rules and regulations. MC

· Tosanak Advisory Committee—President Hicok appreciated the report given by TAC and after reviewing there are a lot of ideas that are similar to those presented by FCCB staff.  President Hicok will send a letter to the committee thanking them for their suggestions.

· Deer hunting season review— VanWaus informed that 1 doe and 2 bucks were harvested during Youth Deer Season and that 5 Bucks were harvested during Archery Season.  There were no complaints regarding the seasons.  During shotgun season there were no sign of hunters within Tosanak although the Lost 40 area had a lot of hunting pressure.


Next meeting– February 4, 2014 at 5 PM at the Fossil & Prairie Center


7:00 PM meeting adjourned




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