Meet the E911 Board...
Keith Starr - Chairperson
Ben Chatfield - Vice Chairperson
Gloria Carr - Treasurer,
Floyd County Auditor
Kathy Herrick - Secretary,
Charles City Police Department
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Responsibility of E911 Office

The E911 Administrator is responsible for addressing new properties, ensuring that all addresses in the County have an E911 sign in a visible location, tracking and documenting all new addresses for the police department and sheriff’s office, making signs for new addresses as well as for addresses that have missing or damaged signs, and updating the Assessor’s office as to any new addresses and/or addresses that are not included on their webpage. The cost for a new sign is $20 and the cost for a new post is $15. Anyone in need of a new sign or a new address should contact, Jeff Sherman, at 641-257-6145.

Responsibility of the Property Owner

It is the responsibility of the property owner to make sure that the E911 Address signs are visible from the road by keeping all vegetation from blocking the signs. That would include cutting down weeds and keeping tree limbs from blocking the visibility of the sign in both directions from the road. The address signs are not to be moved from where they were placed by the Administrator without contacting the Administrator first at 641-257-6145. It is also the responsibility of the property owner in need of a new sign and/or post to pay the costs for said sign and/or post.

Examples of E911 Locating

Good E911 Location

Bad E911 Location



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