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Dust Control - General Provisions
Floyd County residents desiring to use chemicals to control dust on rock roads are advised that such work may be done by permit only. Persons desiring dust control should contact an approved contractor.

Permits are available at the Office of the County Engineer, Courthouse, Charles City, Iowa, for residents who wish to apply their own dust control.

Residents are reminded that used motor oils may not be used to control dust. The only materials approved for use on the roads are calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and lignin sulfonate.

If new rock resurfacing is applied to the location, the dust control material cannot be applied for 30 days unless the time is waived by the applicant.

The owner shall maintain the treated area and repair any roughness that may develop.

The County reserves the right to rework the treated areas and maintain them as loose granular surfaces if the owner fails to maintain the area in a condition acceptable to the County.

On or about mid October, dust control locations will be bladed through in preparation for winter weather.

Applicants shall make arrangements with the applicator of their choosing. Financing of the work shall be the sole responsibility of the applicant.

WASTE OIL RESTRICTION: The use of waste oil is banned.

  • Deano’s Dust Control
    Dean Schaefer
    14711 210th St.
    Mason City, IA 50401
  • US Ag Center
    Dean Schaefer
    2521-7 Mile Road
    Charles City, IA 50616
  • Niemeyer Dust Control
    Ron Niemeyer
    51 Chestnut St.
    Nashua, IA 50658
  • Woody’s Turf & Trail
    PO Box 172
    Rudd, IA 50471






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