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March 17, 2010



          Minutes of the Zoning Commission meeting with North Iowa Area Council of Governments (NIACOG) to discuss upcoming changes to Floyd Countyís Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance.


            Board members present were Tom Schwab and Duane Koch.  Also present was Jeff Sherman, Zoning Administrator and Misty Day, Zoning Assistant; as well as Joe Myhre and Dan Schroeder with NIACOG.  Board members absent were Susan Nelson, Dean Tjaden, and Michael Goddard.    


            Dan Schroeder opened the meeting by presenting the results of the Floyd County Survey.  Mr. Schroeder stated that 85 out of the 215 surveys that were sent out were returned or about a 40% response rate.  NIACOG surveyed 10% of the households or 15% of the population.  Most people who responded were above the median income with the average age of responders being 58 years old.  Only 18 of those who responded stated that they have children 18 years or under living in their home with only 1 person replying that the question was non-applicable.  63 People responded that they had no children living in the home.  When asked if they want Floyd County to become a growing county or remain the same, 59 responded that they would like to see it grow while 15 responded that they would like to see it remain the same.  When asked to list 2 things they would change about Floyd County, a variety of people responded with things like more stores to shop in, downtown renovation, improvement of county roads, more outdoor family activities, use of existing buildings rather then building new, more industrial jobs, better financial management by government, more good paying jobs, keeping agricultural land agricultural, snow plow priorities, keep a closer eye on home based businesses, etc.  The most common thing that people wanted to see was more jobs, better jobs, etc.


            Joe Myhre also informed the Zoning Commission of the DOT Corridor Preservation district that is one mile east of March Avenue and extending East and South to the County Road B-35 interchange (near Floyd), meaning the DOT will need to be notified of any zoning changes made in that area.  It was determined that Administrator Sherman received a copy of this notice.


            Discussion was had concerning the V&K Land Use Map and it was determined that the future land use map would remain the same with the exception that the areas designated C-1, I-1, or I-2 at the 218/Lancer Ave Intersection, 218/Echo Ave (Rockford) Intersection, and the 218/Glass Avenue (Rudd) Intersection would be taken off of the new Comprehensive Plan.  Discussion was had concerning other areas that need to be addressed with the Comprehensive Plan.  It was determined that the 2 mile sections around the cities that are designated as R-1 should actually be AG, as the Zoning Administrator is unsure if his interpretation of the current zoning maps and comprehensive maps was accurate in that it depicted these areas as R-1.  Since the Administrator is unsure if this is what was meant by the current maps, it was determined that these areas should be AG since the overall goal is to preserve AG land.  Administrator Sherman will go through these areas and identify any parcels that were actually rezoned and send the GIS ArcMap Shapefile to Dan Schroeder to help prepare the new future land use map.  Dan will create the new future land use map to present at the next meeting.


            Discussion was had concerning Agri-Business/Home Occupation and it was determined that the Zoning Commission would like to see these uses permitted in the zoning ordinance.  Discussion was had concerning two specific businesses Jeff & Misty ran across in the County, one was a sandblasting business and the other was a welding business.  It was determined that these businesses would receive a letter that they need to apply for a conditional use. 


            Prior to ending the meeting, Joe Myhre informed the Zoning Commission of the smart growth principles and planning goals that were part of a legislative bill that was being tossed around the House & Senate.  Although these principles have not yet become law, Joe will be incorporating them into our ordinance as a way to be ahead of the game.


            Further discussion was had concerning when to rezone a parcel from AG to R-1.  It was determined that we should only rezone a parcel to R-1 if an applicant is splitting off a piece of farmland to build a new home on, at which time the R-1 should only be approved if itís going to be subdivided.  If the parcel is an existing homestead where some structure, whether it be an old foundation or well, was still located on the property, it would not need to be rezoned to R-1.


            The next meeting will be June 8, 2010, at 9:00 a.m. in the office of the Planning & Zoning Department.


Motion to adjourn.



Zoning Administrator



Jeff D. Sherman


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