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Minutes of Zoning Commission Meeting held February 6, 2012.

I. Call to Order. Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m.  Commission members present were Susan Nelson, Dean Tjaden, Tami Vetter, Dennis Carney and Glen Zubrod.  Also present was Jeff Sherman, Administrator.  Roll call of Commission members was taken and all five (5) members were present. 


II. Introduction of New Commission Members. New Commission Members Glen Zubrod and Dennis Carney introduced themselves to the Commission prior to the meeting being called to order.


III. Approval of Agenda.  A motion to approve the Agenda as presented was made by Tami Vetter and was seconded by Dennis Carney.  The motion was unanimously approved.


IV. Approval of Minutes. A motion to approve the September 13, 2011, and the October 11, 2011, minutes was made by Dennis Carney and was seconded by Tami Vetter.  The motion was unanimously approved.


V. Public Comment Period. No public comments were received.


VI. Old Business. No old business.


VII. New Business.


A. Election of Officers:


Motion to appoint Susan Nelson as Chair was made by Dean Tjaden and was seconded by Tami Vetter.  The motion was unanimously approved.


Motion to appoint Dean Tjaden as Vice-Chair was made by Susan Nelson and was seconded by Glen Zubrod.  The motion was unanimously approved.


B. The Commission held a public hearing on the proposed amendment to the Wind Energy Ordinance.  County Supervisors Doug Kamm and Mark Kuhn, Auditor Gloria Carr, Jan Libbey with Healthy Houses of North Iowa, and Jim Frisbie were present for the hearing.  County Supervisor Kuhn presented the amendment to the Commission by stating that the Small Wind Innovation Zone language needed one small change due to a request by the Iowa Utility Board.  Supervisor Kuhn stated that Floyd County is looking at becoming the first Small Wind Innovation Zone in the State of Iowa and during the long Zoning Ordinance process we inserted all of the necessary language that the Iowa Utility Board told us we had to have in order to get this designation as a Small Wind Innovation Zone.  Just prior to sending in our application to obtain that designation the Auditor received an email from the Utilities Board saying there needed to be a change to the language.  As soon as this requested change is made they will then apply to the Utilities Board for this designation and since we are the first application we want it to be completely endorsed and in compliance with the State of Iowa’s regulations.  Chair Nelson explained to the Commission that what they had in front of them was the portion of the Ordinance that needed to be amended and the Commission needs to decide if the following changes should be made:


1.) Section W(1) - in the very last sentence the Section reference to Section VIIW(4) should be amended to read Section VIIW(3); and


2.) Section W(7) – the last portion of the second to last sentence that reads under an agreement approved by and subject to regulation adopted by the Iowa Utilities Board.  The words ‘approved by and subject to regulation adopted’ should be replaced with the word ‘offered’ and ‘Iowa Utilities Board’ should be replaced with the word utility. 


Administrator Sherman pointed out that the Commission also needs to decide on an amendment regarding the table of contents, which just need to be renumbered.  Auditor Gloria Carr added that the exact same change needed to be made under the Large Wind Energy Zone under X(1) regarding the Section reference.


A motion to amend W(1), W(7), and X(1) of the Small Wind and Large Wind Energy Sections was made by Tami Vetter and was seconded by Dennis Carney.  The motion was unanimously approved.


Supervisor Kuhn gave a little more background information on the amendment.  The original language in the model ordinance was approved requiring the Iowa Utilities Board to approve every agreement and it was decided that the local utility that would be receiving the power would be more appropriate to approve the agreement.


VIII. Other Business. Administrator Sherman advised the Commission that the airport ordinance was repealed with the passing of the new ordinance so it needed to be re-adopted.  Sherman has taken the old airport ordinance to the Airport Board to review for any updates or changes that may need to be made.  Sherman also advised that they were checking into the subdivision ordinance to make sure that was not repealed as well.  Joe Myhre did not seem to think it was.


The new members were brought up to speed on the zoning ordinance update and what changes were made and what the AG exemption entails.


IX. Adjournment.  Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Dean Tjaden and seconded by Tami Vetter.


            Meeting adjourned.


Zoning Administrator


Jeff D. Sherman



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