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Meeting Minutes


          Minutes of Board of Adjustment’s Hearing held on April 16, 2013.


I.                    Call to Order.  Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. Board members present were  Bill Fluhrer, Ann Sullivan, Angelia Ruzicka, And John Gohr.  Also present was Jeff Sherman, Zoning Administrator, Jason Daniels, Wayne Koehler, Trevis O’Connell, Ben Chatfield, Larry Katcher, Lawrence Nolt, Todd Dietz, Jeremy Evans, Josh Philipp, James Bluhm, Mike Miller, Amy Miller, Charles Newman, James Martin.  Roll call of Board members was taken and four out of the five (5) members were present, with Board Member Dennis Staudt being absent.


II.                 Approval of Agenda.    A motion to approve the agenda as presented was made by John Gohr and seconded by Bill Fluhrer, motion was unanimously approved. 


III.               Approval of Minutes.  A motion to approve the minutes from the September 18 , 2012, meeting was made by Angela Ruzicka and seconded by John Gohr, motion was unanimously approved.


IV.              Old Business.  No old business. 


V.                 New Business. Election of Officers


Nominations for chair: Gohr nominated Ann Sullivan, nominations ceased. Motion to Appoint Ann Sullivan as Chair By Gohr and Seconded By Ruzicka. motion was unanimously approved. 


Nominations for Co- Chair: Fluhrer nominated John Gohr, nominations ceased. Motion to Appoint John Gohr as Co- Chair by Fluhrer and Seconded by Ruzicka. Motion was unanimously approved.   


A.     A conditional use request by Wayne Koehler to do body work, painting and restoration of autos, truck and machinery on property located at 1921 – Lancer Ave in the NE¼ of Section 2, Township 95 North, Range 17 West of the 5th P.M., Ulster Township, Floyd County, Iowa. Applicant Wayne Koehler and Jason Daniels where Present for the Hearing. Mr. Koehler explained the reason for the application was he has a hired man (Jason Daniels) that works for him and he is only part time and he is very reliable help. Mr. Koehler would like to keep him working for him but his farm work is seasonal.  In order for Mr. Koehler to keep Mr. Daniels was for him to let Mr. Daniels start the business. Mr. Daniels lives on the property and they would be building a Machine Shed for storage and body shop.    Concern was presented on the number of vehicles to be stored on the property which may affect the view from the road and the Board should consider stipulating to a specific limit of storing vehicles.  Further discussion was held on limiting the vehicle storage to 12.  Motion to approve the request of Koehler was made by John Gohr with a limit of 12 vehicles with storage behind the building.    Angela Ruzicka seconded the motion.  Motion was unanimously approved.


       B.  A conditional use request by Parochial School to build a new school on the SE ¼ of                Section 15, Twp 96 North, Range 15 West of the 5th P.M., Niles Twp, Floyd County, Iowa.                              Applicant James Martin was present.   Martin explained property is owned by Clara Shark and this would be for the Mennonite community with the school accommodating 16 students at this time with potential to increase to 30 students.    The schoolhouse would be a frame building, with a partial basement in ground.  Larry Katcher, neighbor to this property attended and had some questions which were addressed.   Road conditions were discussed.    Motion to approve the application by Bill Fluhrer, Seconded by Angela Ruzicka. Motion was unanimously approved.











C.   A variance request by the Floyd County Community Volunteer Fire Department on the NW ¼ of  Section 15, Twp 96 North, Range 16 West of the 5th P.M.,  Floyd Twp, Floyd County, Iowa.   Fire Chief, Ben Chatfield was present and stated Floyd is in need of the new fire station as they have outgrown the current station.  The building would be 60x125 which would accommodate storage for all current equipment plus additional storage, a meeting room for the community with 2 bathrooms.   Discussion was held on the reasons for building outside of town versus in town.  Property is located on an abandoned building site. No objections by anyone were noted.  Mayor of Floyd presented comments in support of the new fire station.  Motion to approve the application was made by John Gohr.  Seconded by Bill Fluhrer.  Motion was unanimously approved. 


VI.              Adjourn.  Motion to close the hearing was made by John Gohr and was seconded by Angela Ruzicka.


            Meeting Adjourned.


Zoning Administrator



Jeff D. Sherman


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