Death Certificates

Available Death Records
 Death certificates from 1954 to the present may be obtained in the Floyd County Recorder's office.  If the death occurred prior to 1954, the certificate must be obtained in the county of death. To obtain a death certificate, you must make application in writing or in person. Certified copies are $20 each.

In order to obtain a certificate, you must prove entitlement and provide the deceased’s name and date of death. Entitled persons include:
  • Children
  • Grandparents
  • Legal parents
  • Legal representative of guardian
  • Spouse
Requests from legal representatives or guardians must be on their letterhead.

Unavailable Death Records
The Recorder’s Office does not keep records of deaths between the years of 1921 - 1941. The Floyd County Recorder's Office can assist in preparing an application and forwarding to the Iowa Department of Public Health.
Submitting Applications
Requests by mail must include payment, a copy of your photo identification, a notarized application, and the required information. Mail completed applications to:
Floyd County Recorder
101 S. Main St.
Suite 306
Charles City, IA 50616