Directory of Services

Birth Certificates Recorder's Office
Boards and Commissions Board of Supervisors
Boat Registration Recorder's Office
Bridge Construction and Maintenance Engineering Office
Budget Information Auditor's Office
Camping Information Conservation
Claims and Warrants Auditor's Office
Client Outreach Community Services, Veteran Affairs
Community Health Programs Health Department
Concealed Weapons Permit Sheriff's Office
County Code of Ordinances Board of Supervisors
County-Owned Property Auditor's Office
County Regulations and Policies Board of Supervisors
Data Processing Services Auditor's Office
Death Certificates Recorder's Office
Deeds and Contracts Recorder's Office
Driving Record Checks Sheriff's Office
Election Information Auditor's Office
Emergency Management Agency Emergency Management
Employee Information Auditor's Office
Employment Opportunities Auditor's Office
Environmental Health Health Department
Food Permits Health Department
Forest Reserve Assessor's Office
Garnishments Sheriff's Office
Government Administration Board of Supervisors
Handgun Purchase Permits Sheriff's Office
Handicap Parking Permits Treasurer's Office
Homestead Exemption Assessor's Office
Hunting and Fishing Access Conservation
Hunting and Fishing Licenses Recorder's Office
Institutional Accounts General Assistance
Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement Treasurer's Office
Jail Administration Sheriff's Office
Labor\Management Transactions Human Resources
Law Enforcement Sheriff's Office
Liens Recorder's Office
Maps (Highway, Drainage Districts, Topographical) Engineering Office
Maps (Plats) Auditor's Office
Maps (Political Boundaries) Auditor's Office
Marriage License Recorder's Office
Military Exemptions Assessor's Office
Parks Information Conservation
Passports Auditor's Office
Permits (Tile Crossings, Underground Work, Moving, Driveway) Engineering Office
Property Assessment and Information Assessor's Office
Property Tax Exemption Assessor's Office
Prosecutor (state laws, local ordinances) Attorney's Office
Real Estate Transfer Information Recorder's Office
Real Estate Mapping Assessor's Office
Roadside Management Engineering Office
Secondary Roads Construction Projects Engineering Office
Secondary Roads Maintenance Engineering Office
Shelter and Cabin Reservations Conservation
Snowmobile Registration Recorder's Office
Special Assessments Treasurer's Office
Tax Credit Claim Treasurer's Office
Tax Levy Information Auditor's Office
Tax Payments Treasurer's Office
Tax Sale Redemptions Treasurer's Office
Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Financing Statements Recorder's Office
Vehicle Titles and Registrations Treasurer's Office
Voter Registration Auditor's Office